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I have a client who employs around 50 staff.


If some one wants to rent part of their Spanish villa (permanent main residence) to golfing holiday groups I assume all rental tax liabilities lie in Spain.  They are resident in Spain but also hav

Would anyone care to comment here or privately respond about their experience with working with an Islamic investor following Sharia-compliant rules?


Hi, having real problems with filing the corporation tax return using the HMRC online software. I have managed to download the corporation tax return form.


This is becoming quite complicated now and before I take detailed advice I need to know how to word the questions correctly.


A friend has been told by HMRC that a code change operated in July was not issued by them The payroll office has said "Sage received the new code and they had no alternative but to operate it".


I have a client who requires his data back after we terminated our agreement with him, we are running Sage Line 50 2013, but he is running Sage Line50 2010, is there a way we can ensure the backup


MP Austin Mitchell revived his age-old reputation as the scourge of the accountancy profession by laying into PwC, Lloyds Bank and the ICAEW during a parliamenta


My client prepares accounts under IFRS. The company, which is in the public sector, is closing down as it will never be financially viable, so it is not a going concern.


If oneself held AAT level 3 (or possibly an exam short off), would I be disadvantaged by a university graduate applying for the same job do you think?...