client is registered in UK , hired a car/people carrier in france for an event , frenchco says it has to charge VAT , is this correct or should it be a b2b no vat transaction and further if VAT cha


My general feeing is that judges are making too much law and wading into parliamentary territory on an alarming scale.


We have a client who has provided Exhibition ancillary services in Norway for a UK based company.  They have been charged VAT at 25% by the Norwegian Company that stores the equipment they need to


Three cloud accounting software developers turned up at the Accountex event in London last week hoping to gain a foothold in the UK market. And more are waiting in the wings.


Mark Lee met up with Nick Fitzherbert, a member of The Magic Circle, to talk about the success he has been having in coaching finance directors in presentation ski


As part of my work helping clients to run their businesses, we were asked recently to automate the process of chasing debtors to some degree.


Couple of scenarios.


Scenario 1


Hello, I would like the opinion of others re depreciation.  If an asset is bought say in August 2012 and year ends 31 Mar 2013; would most take the full years depreciation at 31st Mar 13 or would m


Dear all,

Please could someone suggest the correct accounting treatment to the following question:

1. Company A is a charity which is not subject to Corporation Tax.