The government has extended its start-up loans scheme to those aged up to 30 with an additional £30m to the funding pot.

When entering customer/supplier invoices into Sage 50 2012 there is the option to put an entry in the ‘Ref’, ‘Ex.


I work with a few companies mentoring and advising on finance.


The number of retailers falling into administration in 2012 increased for the third year running, up by 6% compared with 2011, according to


If a company acquires a long term listed investment then does the investment go in at cost on the balance sheet rather than MV and do you have to show the MV within the notes?


I have recived an unpleasant email from the local council saying they have been "informed" I have a business at my home address, and to give them details such as what part of the premises is used f



I wanted to get an outside view on this asset transfer as I am not sure about this.


Here is a scenario which has not happened to me (yet!) but I have been thinking about recently.

Very profitable Business incorporates.


Anyone who has, in years past, filed a self assessment income tax return on 1 February and thereby avoided a late filing penalty on the grounds of an unspecified  'reasonable excuse' will understan