Accountants may not be typically seen as the most fashion conscious of any profession (nor are most professions, apart from super models and fashion gurus, admittedly), but based on recent blogs an


Sorry if I'm being a little dense, but can anyone help.


I am just attempting to carry out year end procedure 2012/13 on Basic Tools.

Has anyone got some vat inspection stories, i.e. what the vat office have done to a client that has chosen to interpret the rules in a how do I say it politely a 'del' boy manner?


Director does not take a salary until year end, takes it up to the threshold of where NI/PAYE is not payable.

Submit FPS to HMRC


this is badly written

email from CH , cant understand it!


I am taking on a number of new clients for payroll this month, some of them are coming to me from another agent.  We have already come across a problem.  An accountant who is thinking of retiring h


I'm using Moneysoft Payroll - has anyone found the "irregular payment indicator" yet ?