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UK citizen resident here and in germany & property in Poland

UK tax year Apr to Apr, Germany & Poland calendar years


One of my clients has a former employee who left work to have a family,  who now covers holiday shifts/sick leave and she is paid on invoice.



Other than grouping worksheets together to print (There are lots of them), is there any other way of selecting selected worksheets to print, from a list maybe?


I have run my first month's payroll of 2014/15 and the P32 shows the deduction for the employment allowance equal to the Class 1 Employers NIC correctly.


A director sold a yacht to their medical consulting company about  year ago,now the company is selling the yacht to a third party registered for VAT in France.


Discretionary Trust invests cash into an offshore bond.  The bond produces capital gains that are not subject to UK income tax so long as there are no chargeable events (i.e.



I have a client who had a car NBV of £1307 that has been written off, he then bought a replacement for just £400.


I was secretary to my partner for 18 months, until we split up 3 months ago. He has a lot of debt & has dissolved his company, only to start another one within a few days.