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Hi all,

I have just started a business and i appreciate that this is probably a straight forward question but for some reason i can not seem to get my head around it.



I cannot get the CT600 form to balance, I get this error message:



I currently use Moneysoft for payroll, but have a client who has a high number of staff and will outgrow Moneysoft quite quickly.


Cant find my way round these darn manuals any more

Looking for deductions allowable against ITTOIA Chapter 5 miscellaneous income

old D case   111 to v1


Pensions minister Steve Webb has confirmed that a charge cap for auto enrolment schemes won’t be introduced for another year and will be examined in conjunction wi

The government is grappling with legislative tax changes to cope with the transition when companies start applying new UK GAAP from January 2015.


I recently registered a business (LTD) with companies house - but I haven't started trading and it's unlikely I will due to a big change in circumstances.


As a general query, I'm interested in finding out who's responsibility it is to communicate and buy employee benefits for small to medium sized businesses, such as income protection?


I know there are frequent questions on home use cost so apologies if this is another one but I am little confused


A friend has many years experience as a book-keeper & part qualified AAT (also studied ACCA but not sat exams yet).