Most employers settle tribunal cases out-of-court, despite good odds of making a successful defence if pursued through the courts.


If you don't agree then what?


Just received this from our accountant as she was having trouble submitting our accounts to HMRC because it wouldn't let her put on our limited company's charity donations:


Hi All,

I am working for a property company who own a number of flats over shops which are Let to students who pay security deposits prior to moving into the properties, say £500.00


DWP have revealed over 3000 of their staff have been sick for over 3 months.Some have been sick for between 3 and 4 years.

Is this normal?


Hi ,

      I am acting on behalf of a new client who has accumulated a couple of UK properties and now wishes to register with HMRC

      for tax purposes .


While launching a new £80bn Funding for Lending scheme this week, the chancellor announced that it would replace a £20bn credit easing scheme launched in March.


A long-time campaigner against the injustices of the banking and accounting professions argues that the temptation to tamper with Libor rates is not new.

A client has recently set up a limited company and between 5 of them they have issued 1090 unpaid shares (nominal value 1p shares so total value 10.9p)