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I'm trying clarify the tax treatment for a (sole trader) client looking to purchase a cafe business in a rented property.


How does quickbook take care of exchange gains and losses

If a supplier invoices for 120 Euro and the exchange rate is 1.2 to the pound.  The amount booked in GBP is £100


A company director (of a relatively new company) has told me that his co-director is seriously ill and he has been asked not to contact him.  Unfortunately, the company's registered office is at th


I have a new client who has not registered for VAT and has been trading for 10 years in excess of the registration threshold.  As far as I am aware the statute of limitations does not apply to Gove



I am a bookkeeper and trying to find out if anyone knows how to update an employee record on Sage Jobcosting when they receive a payrise?

This may be a simple question (I have not dealt with it before) but can someone please advise on how I should enter the following on Sage:


Gross Loan Interest (say) £13k


Hi, I co-run two businesses that operate out of a rented property in Hackney. One is a cafe, the other is a commercial lets business for professionals working in Creative Industries. 


I am due to pay my class 2 National Insurance as I have been self employed. I have been working part time whilst studying and haven't earned over £5725 since April 2013.


Hi - using Sage Line 50.  One client is currently on Cash Accounting scheme for VAT, but is getting close to the turnover threshold where standard VAT accounting will have to be used.


Hi there

Apologies for duplicating as I know I have seen a Q on here similar before but I cannot find it now and I have the client waiting for an answer,