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We use IRIS software as a payroll bureau.

We are running into problems around the dates given on the weekly payslips.


Does anybody know where I can find an example of the Accountant's Report that an IPS needs when it votes for audit exemption but has turnover over £90,000?


If goodwill is purchased from unrelated party by a Ltd Company, should the company -


I have been with IRIS for almost 10 years now and am deciding to look at other options completely away from IRIS due to continually increasing costs and lack of support/service only to be told that


A client has been asked if they are able to be involved in the "direct to labour" scheme which is HMRC approved!.

Company whose services are all outside the scope of UK VAT (business to business supply of services to a German company).

Can they still register for VAT and claim input VAT?


We are currently members of the ICPA but we are looking into becoming an ACCA member and possibly a registered auditor further down the line to give ourselves more credibility and the opportunity t


I have a UK based client who is in the process of starting a company in Belgium and we are looking for a software package to run a full Euro accounting system, but one which will account for the VA

My wife is starting up her own small business, essentially an on line shop. Is there a useful guide giving the advantages and disadvantages of each form since Business Link was closed down?


I have a client who is taken on a unpaid worker from Austria for a few weeks. This worker is looking to gain experience and is being sponsored by a university.