I use a small office ocassionally, but don't have any telephone connection or broadband there. I am looking for recommendations for a wireless dongle to use - at a low running cost.


Hi all,

I have a potential client who trades futures through a limited company


I have just got a new charity client and their bank accounts in Sage has left me really puzzled! The bank balance is thousands in the negative when I run reports.


Rangers FC liquidator BDO is pursuing a £25m claim against London-based law firm Collyer Bristow. 

Andrew Meeson and three associates have been accused of taking £5m in a “simple and very lucrative scam” by claiming tax relief on fictitious pension contributions.


Peter Rose chartered accountant recently convicted of defrauding employees by deducting PAYE and NIC and not paying these over to HMRC.


I have a number of clients with payrolls but also subcontractors.

Can someonw direct me to information relating as to how FTI will affect CIS


In Jan 2010 (2009/10 tax year) I was granted a US performance-related stock option with McGraw-Hill. I was employed by McGraw-Hill in the UK.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?