We have inherited a property with development potential. It has a large garden that could be developed. Site is less than 1.25 acres.


I operate from home (ltd company) and work from my study.  I am getting the study redecorated as well as putting up wall cabinets for my business files and desk (basically a long wooden plank)


As part of my plan to go from two to three clients (to give you an idea of context) I am looking at developing my website.


I applied to Companies House for administrative restoration of a company however they have written to me stating that it must be restored by applying to the Courts.


Apart from normal passport copies and bank statements less than 3 months for all shareholders and directors is there anything else you need to verify corporate clients?


Hi all, I am interested to know what corporation tax rate should apply to the gains of a company, formed by an individual to trade in foreign exchange. Hi pre tax profits are just under £13.5k.



I'm currently working for a company, and would like to pursue an MBA degree while continuing to work for the company.


I need to replace my car and thought about doing it through the company.  As a Director I earn less than £8500 so therefore don't pay NI.


I have just had an unusual request from a potential client. They are employing an EU national senior employee and have asked if I can run the payroll for him.