I am sure there used to be a website that held a database of Speical Commisioner cases.


I know that BALLI list Upper Tribunal - but that only goes back a few years!



I have a client who is an electrical contractor the directors are 2 brothers make about 80 to 100k per year which they split 50/50.


I was watching a TV program about first aid. I think I should go on a course because I know absolutely nothing about the subject.









I have a small company that is registered in Jersey and does not need an audit.  I am not sure what (if any) disclosures have to be made in relation to the audit exemption - the only examples I hav


A small limited company client leases one small shop premises and wants to lease additional small premises for manufacturing.


Not sure if this is entirely the right place to post, but does anyone know of any alternative providers to sage pay that actually still link transactions to a bookkeeping package?


With less than two months to go to the roll-out of Real Time Information (RTI) reporting for PAYE, AccountingWEB is still getting bombarded with headlines like ‘


A wine retailer is holding a wine tasting, with tickets costing £15, of which £5 will go to a specified charity.  Do they have to account for VAT on all the £15, or just on £10?  ie Is the VAT £2.5


I saw a recent salary stating an average accountants salary was 64K with a 11K bonus.