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It’s the time of year when I think about my training requirements and as an ICAEW accountant in practice I have traditionally received my training face-to-face, either from Mercia or Smart Training


New regulations for the crowdfunding finance market from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have received a mixed reaction, with one entrepreneur claiming that they will take the “crowd out

client wants to buy and convert commercail property for residential pruposes.


Can anybody help me to clarify how to account for Reverse charges for non EU purchases?


Client were the guarnator for an associated company who had to pay out on it and the company it was the guarantor for has since been liquidated.


When one clicks on a purchase invoice in suppliers the detail of any payments etc is shown below.  Is it possible to print this out and if so how?  Any help acknowledged and appreciated.


This may be a bit of a simple question but I need a sense check!!

We have had a property that we own (and use in the business) revalued at £560,000



Does anyone know of any free downloadable accounts systems that could be used for a small /owner managed Ltd company.


Hi guys.

Has anyone completed ATT? In particular the E-assessments.

I'm currently studying but my next exam isn't until November so I wanted to give the law E-assessment a go.