A Financial Reporting Council (FRC) preliminary hearing started last week to determine whether to strike off


Can anyone please point me in direction of suitably worded pool car policy? Whether it be free or chargeable template.

Many thanks


I work in a Private limited Freight forwarding company. What I am perplexed about is this that directors sometimes withdraw cash for their personal use. How do I account for such transactions?


The company gave an employee a brand new HD TV. It cost £600 and had a second-hand value of £250. How much do i report on a P11D? the cost of the asset to the company or the market value?


Recently I was appointed Company Secretary to the main trading company in a privately owned UK group of companies.


With the introduciton of MGD (Machine Games Duty) having recently replaced AMLD and effectively making takings from most Machine Games VAT exempt.

What accounting sofware to use for charity?

Until now our charity used exel spreadsheet. As we got bigger now we are thinking about software.