Im a UK sole trader and have been gifted machinery with a second hand market value of between £5k and £7k.



I have a new client who is opening a pizza shop in a couple of weeks.  He has already paid for incorporation and wants to operate the business as a Ltd company.



Advanced Computer Software Group plc has acquired Computer Software Holdings (CSH), the current owner of IRIS Exchequer, for £110m in cash from private equity house HgCapital. 

I wonder if anyone can help with a problem I have encountered on Sage50?


I have a client who runs a retail business, they have a tennancy at will agreement, part of which includes the metered provision of electricity to the business.

Do I use the VAT receipt (Tax invoice) date or payment request date., e.g the payment request is dated 11.1.13 and the VAT receipt is dated 1.3.13.


I run a web development and online marketing company in the UK and provide services to UK individuals and companies as well as a number of companies/individuals around the world (including Sweden,


The number of “zombie” companies in the UK is on the increase, which many experts consider to be a threat to economic recovery.


A construction company (limited company)  I work for is entering into property development with a wealthy individual. The individual will purchase the property and pay all associated fees with the