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Situation: A potential client (Son) has informed me that his mum transferred a rental property in his name some 10 years' ago.


Hi all –

Quick introduction – I’ve just started working with Accounting Web on some tech pieces and I was hoping I could tap the collective hive mind on the subject of ERP.


The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published proposed changes to IFRS for small and medium-sized businesses

Hi there. Does anyone use IRIS payroll software? Or does anyone have any views on it? How is the interface with the accounting package? Any and all views appreciated. Many thanks


We would be grateful for the members views on the following scenario:-


Client breaks up with prior accountants in a bad way. This is due to monumental fees, for work riddled with errors (schoolboy ones), tardiness, unprofessionalism, you name it - its wrong.



Company is about to enter in to an agreement for :