we have a client who did not deduct CIS and pay it over at the appropriate time. This was voluntereed on our instruction  and as aresult some £15k of tax was paid.


Please can I get examples of cashflow forecast & p/l forecast for pubs and email them to me at



I have recently acquired a client who had done his tax returns through another accountant for 2008 to 2011 tax years.


I have an Investment Consultant client (sole trader) who feels that he may have some possible future exposure for the mis-selling of investments, although as he doesn't know if, or when, or how muc


Has anyone got a recommendation for CIS software please?  My client is using Evolution Integrity which I find frustrating and time consuming.  Any suggestions welcome!  Thanks


We are a registered CIS contractor and as such pay all out sub-contractors through the scheme deducting tax at source.


It looks like I may have to pay for some payroll software - I currently use HMRCs free software which I have found to be ok.


I recently took on a client that procures items for houses and flats. 

Their customer gives them cash in advance and then he buys the household items on behalf of the customer.



I will soon be setting up new company to trade as a sole practitioner in the North East.

I am wondering if anyone had any advice at all in relation to obtaining clients.