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We are a Xero reseller but their servers are located outside of the UK.


Four finance systems managers gathered discussed how their jobs were changing at the Advanced User Conference in Gateshead.

Since the introduction of the Statutory Residence Test in April, many of questions have arisen. 


Salaries for qualified CIMA accountants in the UK increased by 13% in 2013 to an average of £60,655 plus £6,055 in bonus paymen


My ‘small’ client company owns the freehold interest of land and buildings with a cost price of, say £40,000 on which depreciation to date has been charged of, say, £15,000.


 A client has approached me with a request to prepare him excel accounts template and he will do the accounts himself.


My restaurant is turning over around £150k per year, we are considering switching to the 12.5% flat rate, but I wondered if we would I be able to lease the restaurant to other companies on differen


I have for months been trying to recover a large sum of money which was placed in dormancy by one of our High Street Banks, partly through the bank's actions but also by the inaction of the multina


After the main migration to RTI this April the last six months or so have flushed out several issues which have been causing problems for employers, explains