I am a pensioner and I receive healthcare benefits from my ex employer which come to about £1500 a year. These health benefits are paid by my ex employer.


If a company has say a 80% owned subsidiary, when it prepares its consolidated accounts where does the 20% revenue not attributed to the group get reported?


I have a plant Hire company client who from time to time sells plant after a few years use in the trade to companies as far away as Iraq and Australia.


I have recently attained a Hnd Accounting. I may be attending uni 3rd year come september to gain a degree, undecided.


I have recently joined a small company as a company accountant.  While performing the reconciliation I have noticed that in one quarter, we underpaid VAT.  This was submitted by my predecessor.  My


I have a list of stock items purchased since year dot.

I have a list of stock items sold since year dot.


Have a partner in partnership who used his own car for business trips and the partnership deducted capital allowances.


Here is something that has been troubling me for years.