A young financial controller who stole more than £90,000 from Britain's top property tycoons was

Q1: December 31st year end. £100k [AIA qualifying] capital bought to 31/3; £0 capital bought in period 31/3 to 31/12. AIA = (3/12 x 100,000) + (9/12 x 25,000) = 25,000 + 18,750 = 43,750.


We have a client with an August year end.

I'm more inclined towards ACCA and my plan is something like this (pls comment on it):


I have the same text in multiple fields in Word (in a table mainly but not exclusively)

Is it possible to have them linked so I just have to type in once?



Coming up to the end of the year, we're interested in running an article on your highlights of 2012 and resolutions and predictions for the year ahead.