International expenses management specialist Concur has released a series of myth-busting whitepapers for businesses that need advice about expenses.


There are 2 separate companies for financial services. 1 being principal and the other an appointed representative.

Can anyone clarify how the VAT would work in the following scenarios.


I've created a cashbook excel worksheet for clients.  Rows 3 down to row 30 has formulas in them.


If a company adopts the FRSSE, does it have to amortise goodwill over a period of up to 20 yearas.



Former KPMG accountant and founder of cloud accounting software firm Clearbooks Tim Fouracre brought a new slant to meeting discipline in his recent blog, 


Administrators at Chantrey Vellacott DFK have sold the assets of a London pub company after running the business since it folded in mid-January.

My client keeps losing the electronic daily gross takings sheet produced from the till.  He owns a retail store.


I am fairly new to expenses/p11d’s (although have 12 years payroll experience).



Chantrey Vellacott DFK administrators have helped to rescue a West Midlands PR firm that faced a financial crisis after a former employee stole nearly £200,000.