My client has an account with Amazon.  There are statements from Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany

Do I post the EU sales income as T4?

Thanks in advance!


Client is a limited company owned and operated by the two directors.


A friend of mine is selling his business for £6.5M. It is a limited company with a sub and the shareholders (Directors)have above 5% shares and voting rights.


If a software company based in the UK sells a support package for its software products (access to a help desk also based in the UK) to EC countries, does this count as a service on the ECSL ?


David Gauke, exchequer secretary to the Treasury, has agreed to review a series of proposals submitted by BDO on changes to the tax regime for medium-sized businesses.

Please can anyone advise on the following points. We are a small accountancy business of six people and have all our data on cloud based. 


A client provided an annual party for his staff in the form of clay pigeon shooting tuition, followed by a competition.


Former Stringfellows lap dancer Nadine Quashie lost her claim for unfair dismissal after the Court of Appeal found in the nightclub’s favour in December.


I have a sole director ltd company started in Oct 12. I did not earn any other income in the financial year.