We currently provide our Sales Reps with a Company Car and a Fuel Card, with all fuel paid for by the Company.


I'm working in the company which provides services as virtual office for some companies /eg providing a registered office address for clients/.

We are wanting to start paying all our suppliers by bacs on a monthly basis, approx 50-100 per month.

Are we able to do this using Sage 50?

HMRC informed that client is self employed but have not yet supplied UTR. I have completed accounts and client is due tax refund for the PAYE on her employent which ended in the year.


The pressure is on with just five days left until self assessment deadline. Here are some news headlines to start the day.

Aspire replacement havoc on the way

Can you please explain to me what a Tronk System of payroll used in restaurants and clubs is all about ?


Hi we are trying to register an EMI scheme with HMRC for the first time online. We have a holding company with a trading company sub.


One of my payroll clients' employee has been given a new notice of coding of 0T but it is not Month 1. This has resulted in his salary of over £3,000 been reduced to £30 net. What can be done?


A client who is a golf pro and runs a pro shop (as a sole trader business) and employs a couple of individuals to assist in the shop (on a payroll) and sometimes allows one of these individuals to



I am a sole trader.  I made loss of  £1,932 in Year 2012/13  and have made loss of £14,687 in Year 2013/14.   I owe inland revenue £1,300 in tax from earlier