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If I have a one off purchase eg. Lino for the office kitchen floor, do I need to load the invoice as a Purchase Invoice (maybe in Misc account) and make a purchase payment through the bank?


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I hope someone can help.


I have a prospective client who will be providing Educational and Sports Coaching services to an Education partner (who will draw funds from the Government).



Appreciate if some one could help me, the correct advise that  I should provide to my client.

My client carried out trading  around one and half years under limited company.


I'm currently involved in a clients tax inspection which feels like it's been going on forever. We had a meeting with the HMRC officers a couple of weeks ago, which solved very little.


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My client has just referred a business owner with a registered company to me. He need a loan from his bank and want me to do 1 year forecast of his business.


My company (which I am new to) recently refinanced to issue preference shares and debt to a private equity investor.  The previous accountant had recorded all the arrangement fees and due dilligenc

I have a Ltd company Y/e 31.12.14.