I've a 3 month freelance contract in Germany.  I will be paid in euros into my Spanish bank account. AS a UK resident does the income need to be declared on UK SA return?  


I have a friend who is a bookkeeper and treasurer for a small Dog Club. They have an accountant that does an annual audit of the books and the fees charged have crept up over the years.


Need clarification on the 10 Year Anniversary Trust Tax charge.


I recently prepared my first VAT invoice that was NOT on the flat rate scheme.

I want to confirm though that I am using some of the correct figures. 



Have a husband and wife limited company. both directors and shareholders. Company loaned £20k to directors brother and agreed to charge 5% interest per year whilst loan outstanding.


For a sale of services where the supplier is a UK small company and the customer is a large company in another EU country, the customer's accountants have told us that they will pay the VAT in thei


When preparing under the cash basis I presume I need to change my notes to the accounts:-


My business partner died a while ago and my company hit a bit of a standstill for twelve months.