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this site is being run for the benefit of the staff of Sift Media. They are so far up their backsides it is a wonder if you can get your question posted on their site.


Client has purchased two computers from a German company.

The invoices issued have UK VAT at 20% charged and are in GPB.  The VAT number on the invoices is a German VAT number.


What is the so called "special relationship" worth if Obuma says we will be at the back of the queue negotiating a new trade relationship?


Can anyone clarify the correct way to deal with class 2 NIC when reducing payments on account.


With lots of AWebers in London for Accountex, several of us thought it would be great opportunity for a get together.


Hi, firstly will start out by saying I have a meeting set up with an accountant but would just like to get some views on this from others so I am a. not going in there knowing nothing, and b.


I hope by now all tax advisers know not to rely solely on the UK VAT registration threshold to decide whether clients need advice ab

A director is not classed as a "Worker" for Workplace Pension purposes if he does not have a contract of employment.

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pop down to the Post Office and buy postage stamps 1st + 2nd class -  these are VAT Exempt