I was wondering if VAT can be claimed on business mileage?  I was advised that 1pence per mile can be claimed but cannot find the documentation to prove this.


I've tried to verify a couple of subcontractors this morning for different companies and have received a response telling me that they are processing it and to try later.


Hi Does a Company have to be wound up, liquidated or struck off in order to claim Bad Debt relief for VAT purposes?


Calling any FRS26 experts!! I'm trying to get my head around the requirements of the standard - specifically its treatment for loans.

I have luckily managed to keep out of most RTI things, but my colleague who does deal with it is away, and has got somebody in today to help.


Ours is a small two directors company. Directors are only employees of the company and they are paid £600.00 each every month and company does not incur any class 1 NIC liability.


Here's something for Friday.

I was invited to act for a company which had been trading for a year or so.   Looking at the company number, 5xxxx45, I thought "that looks familiar".


I know the 10% Wear and Tear Allowance is calculated on the rent after Council tax and any rates if paid by the landlord but what about other expenses.  i.e.



With Heartbleed in the news and recommendations to change all passwords (or most anyway) it seems time to find somewhere safe to keep them!


Most of my clients have less than 10 employees. Most want to take the easy option - auto enrol their employees in NEST. Are there any pension companies who want to know about 5 employees?