Client sold a property for £100,000 but gave a builder gifted deposit for £20,000.  It appears that this was to get around the purchaser having issues with the loan to value and the mortgage.



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AccountingWEB has the opportunity to interview the pensions minister, Steve Webb, next month on all things auto enrolment-related.


The key question, explored by the first tier tribunal in the case of

A company supplies promotional staff and ran a promotion for a national food supplier where they gave away food samples and invited the recipient to make a donation to charity.  Some did, some didn

Hi, we have a new employee who has been offered £2,000 for travel expenses for the year.  How is this treated?  Should it be added before or after tax deductions?



My client worked in the USA for Warner Lambert and paid into a savings plan.  From September 1990 until August 1993 he paid in a monthly amount which was matched to varying degrees by his employer.


Our client has taken on new staff via a TUPE agreement who were previously employed by the NHS.

Majority are on D rate NI Code and as such we require an ECON.


I am trying to compare QB's On-Line Stock control with Xero stock control.

The company imports raw materials from Europe and manufactures them in to clothes.