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If you have a certificate of tax deposit from HMRC for monies paid into a holding account, would that mean that you would not be issued with a penalty on an APN notice?


Finance directors are usually associated with large companies but they can be just as valuable for fast-growing small and medium sized businesses, says


Business owners and managers often seek magic answers or shortcuts to business success, says Mike Foster.The principles underpinning success are simple, but you have to work effectively to achi


I know for individuals that for each source of overseas income you compare the total UK tax liability before and after eliminating that source of income (eliminating in descending size of overseas


On an average day all manner of weird and wonderful emails arrive, but this one conjures up all manner of visions of a day out with more cliches and opportunity for innuendo than you can shake a cl


I have a client who incorporated his sole trader consultancy business in May 2014, I'm looking at making an adjustment for goodwill of around £26k, but first wanted to check the following is correc


I have a client (limited company) who is planning to rent an accommodation for staff, for which they will pay some of the rent.


Hi, can anyone help with this please;