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AccountingWEB caught up with Companies House chief executive Tim Moss to find out about the 


Deb Mielke and Alasdair McKenzie of FieldAware reveal the top five things CFOs should consider when extending business software to field service personnel.

We have been approached by a client who have an employee that works for them in the retail industry, paid on an hourly basis. The employee is currently on tax code 1060L.


I was just composing an email to a client on this hot evening, and I mentioned "HMRC" in it. The spell checker flagged the word as unknown and suggested the replacement ....  "CHARM".




I work for a UK VAT registered company in the UK.

We have bought plant and machinery for £35000 from Germany.


I worked for a recruitment agency last year for 7 months and was asked to set up a limited company to do so. It only turned over £9600 and has now ceased trading.


Over two-thirds of microbusiness owners have indicated that they will outsource all the processes involved with auto enrolment to an accountant, according to new research by Opinion Matters.


I'm a bit rusty on Intercompany trading, but need to know how to deal with the scenario below: