I'm a director of my own company, and have been receiving working tax credit since the start of the current tax year (2012-2013).


Hi, We have 2 small companies, Company A and Company B. Both companies have the same shareholder and director. Because of this I think they are classed as "Connected" companies.


I am interested in whether any organisations are using any software to automatically match supplier statements against the accounting system data or is this still a manual process in your organisat


While the Chancellor announced a whole raft of

The centrepiece in a Budget speech carefully crafted to appeal to the small business was the Chancellor's announcement of a £2,000 “employment allowance” that will cut £2,000 from every company’s N


We are using the 2013 edition of QuickBooks and have run the RTI check. This shows that the contracted hours and "starting declaration" is missing for all employees.


A limited company is a partner in a partnership. It's income is therefore it's share of profit.


A long term family friend, has offered to give our 9 year old daughter a gift of b shares in a company.