ok so im going to try and expalin this as simple as i can and hopefuly get some useful answers..

im a partner in a construction firm. my partner takes care of all the tax stuff..!!


My FD has asked me to look into getting us a new accounting package; however Google isn't being overly helpful.


Hi All,



I'm looking for new business as a self employed (or employed if the client prefers) Bookkeeper and wanted to ask advice on who I should target?


Re: HMRC and a voluntary but late VAT registration.  The subsequent changes to ‘potential’ VAT registration dates and time taken by HMRC is leaving this client feeling like he


I prepare the accounts for a charity, and the charity has taken temporary ownership of a number of assets from some of its members, effectively for safekeeping.


The company's year end is the 31/12

At the end of last year a quote was obtained for website development of approx £40k


A client needs to borrow to fund a large asset purchase (around £280k). He has a couple of quotes from mainstream asset finance providers but I offered to look at alternative providers.


A Surgeon friend of mine has been attending medical conferences overseas to deliver his expert knowledge to his audience (part of his CPD).  He had to fund the travel himself since his employer ref