If a UK Group Ltd company lends to its US Inc subsidiary, are there any tax implications on what interest rates to use in both UK or US?


Has anyone had any direct experience of a loan to a participator in a close company being written off and the following coming into effect.


The Bristol Pound was officially launched this week to support independent businesses and keep trade wi


For the purpose of obtaining finance, a valuer was instructed to value land and buildings owned by a company.  The report indicates that the site has fallen by approx 30% from the original cost.  


We have a client who we have just set up as a director of a Limited Company and they have asked us the best way to make their pension contributions i.e.


Hi, I am working for a company that has changed to Ltd on 1st August 2012.  I have posted all customer invoices from this date and all suppliers invoices from this date, however because the bank ha


Hi. I have a client in the media sector who acts as an agent selling to the broadcaster on behalf of the artist.

Can anyone give me an example of the entries necessary to pay myself a interim dividend.  I read that I need to record this in the companies books. How do I phrase the entry please?