Hi There,

Please can anybody advise me on a question that I have?


Can you please recommend to me the best course to master MS Excel. There are so many out there and I would ideally want the one for Accountants and in London.


Help!  Sage nominal activity report-transactions dont add up  to total  of debits & credits??


We have a UK subs co in which most transactions will be in Euros.  Does anyone have any experience of running Sage in the UK but in another currency?


Quick books should enter EC sales in both box 6 and box 8 of VAT 100.  It doesn't and there is no option on the drop down list to select box 6 AND 8 - only none and 6 or none and 8 in the Edit opti



I currently complete the accounts for my own small limited company. It is a property maintenance business and I'm a sole director and don't employ any employees.