A company which is run by two novices were shocked to be told by me they had been struck off for no Annual return.

The cost of an Administrative restoration is about £200.


I have a client company (surveyors) who quite often run projects throughout the UK. Rather than pay for B&B,hotels etc they have purchased a caravan to use as accommodation.


A local community initiative is offering loans for start-up businesses and ongoing small entities at approx. 19% APR (£5k-15k; 5-10 years).


Students who do holiday work will have income tax and national insurance deducted from their wages for holiday work from next April when the government scraps a student opt out for Pay As You E


my company ceased trading on 31/01/ accounts made up to date and sent in and accepted by tax office.,company closed with no outstanding debt and bank account also closed.Form sent to co



I have a client who is looking to sell his company to his management team.  The deal will take place as follows:


Company gets an insurance payout for loss of gross profit which covers a period of 12 months from date of loss.