We have received an invoice for the planting of a perimeter hedge around our buliding which will act as a security measure.


Are we able to capitalise this?



Does anyone have positive experiences of lead generation companies? I have previously used Accountax who were good but expensive.


I have a sole trader registered for VAT at present in the construction industry.  He has now bought a plot of land and intends to build a commerical building from which he will trade in a new busin


What are other users systems for scanning and shredding:

In particular to:

Daily post?(including all envelopes and junk mail etc-just recycle?)

I advertise on Gumtree and today I received a short, typical Gumtree style reply saying they had work I might be interested in. Thinking it might be a charity I asked for more details.


New client with Accounts already late at Companies House.


Since I am just starting out, I have an idea of renting a desk in an established practice firm instead of starting from scratch.


Starting from October 2012 all eligible employees will have to be automatically enrolled into either their employers’ existing workplace pension scheme or an alternative qualifying pension sche

Is it legal for a company to pay dividends to its owners where the only "profits" were generated from the sale of non-core assets?  This is a mining entity that sold off houses and hospitals that w


Another question re SAGE.