I have a client (bookkeeping only) who operates as a UK Company providing Yacht Management services to business and non business owners in the UK, EU and non EU Countries.

During 2013/14 tax year client's turnover was £79,001, £1 more than the VAT registration limit. This figure will, of course, be shown on the personal SA tax return.




i already know air travel is vat exempt but i was wondering if anyone knows of any tax deductions were we can reclaim the cost of the airfare which is for business use.


We are a very small organisation and use Sage Instant Payroll.


I am the sole Director of a small start up Ltd company that has never traded. Dormant company Accounts have been filed.


I'm looking for some advice on a career change. As a bit of background, I am 30 and have been in Music education since finishing my subject specific degree in 2005.


Are there any tax implications of an English registered limited company purchasing a property which is situated in Scotland?

Hi all,

What is the best way to pay director when Company has employment allowance still available? 

One director and company pays 20% tax.

Director has no other earnings.


Hi I am in the first year of running a limited company as sole director and its accounting period ends 31st April 2015.


Part of my business involves membership of an organisation.  It is a £400 lifetime membership.  How would you account for this?