I have an Italian Client who is thinking about moving to the UK for a couple of years to join his Girlfriend.

If an employee is off sick for some time, and the employer pays full wages for the first three days of sickness, when is SSP paid.


Hi All,

I sort of thought i had figured out with help of Aweb ..recording of payments made to reimburse the expenses made on behalf of company.

But i am lost again.

Hi All - a client has always rented a room in his home & declared it on his SA Tax return under the rent a room allowance.


I have a scenario that I need some help with.


We're a charity not registered for VAT. When we capitalise architect fees as part of the build, can we write the VAT off as revenue expenditure?


This may sound too simple for someone but I have never dealt with someone on PAYE before!



We have begun filing RTI reports for the new tax year, 2014/15.

As it is a new year we have been checking the online coding notices HMRC have sent us regarding our clients.



I have a partnership and a company which is a partner in the partnership. Are they entitled to 1 or 2 lots of £2,000.