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As everything is moving cloud based and onto internet how worried are you about security.


I have recently started a new job with a company that uses Pegasus Opera II.  I am now getting to grips with the database and am looking at historical debtors' reports (available, the 'Help' tells


If a company has people who are contracted for a certain type of work (Tax category is Entertainer) who are taxed at source but with no NI deductions or contributions, are they able to also submit


My client director started the financial year with a credit balance on the DLA of £1.5m.


I have a UK client who sells goods to UK individuals (a mix of consumer and business) for a medical company based in the USA.


Can anyone advise whether VAT is chargeable on compensation payments due under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998 as amended by the Late Payments of Commercial Debts Regulatio


Does anyone know if you can nominate a second house as your main residence after the sale has taken place ?



I am looking for a recommended mobile phone provider that offers sensible call plans to and from overseas especially China, India and the UAE.