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Can you advise how to clear down/journal the cum VAT out of the Sales and Purchase VAT accounts to the VAT liability account in QuickBooks?



Hi all you lovely people!

Having a nightmare at mo between HMRC and AXA over whether a gain is a chargeable one or not!!!


trading sub transfers all trade and assets up to parent company on 1 April 2015.  The year end of both is 31 March.  The trading sub can only claim AIA so long as the expenditure was not incurred i


Does anyone know how to allocate part payments or payments on account against late received invoices in SAGE CIS.

It was announced in the 2013 Autumn Statement that from April 2015 there would be no employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs



I run an online business supplying mobile apps and hosting non physical services on servers outside the EU.


Just checked  our PAYE account on HMRC web site to see that they show us owing the Ers NIC for year end April 2015.

Ers NIC first incurred in March 2015


Instead of dividend of £60k.  I would like this paid as a  pension contribution to my SIPP  using £40k for this year and carry forward £20k from last year.  Is this allowed? 


I just tried to set up a Direct Debit arrangement for PAYE via HMRC's online service page and it all went fine till it asked for a MMYY ref and a mandatory amount, I then saw it said it was a singl


Administrator of MG Rover PwC said it hopes to return at least £56m more to creditors ten years after the company's collapse.