Hi.  A quick question relating to weekly paid employees and the RTI susbmissions.  We have some new client who pay staff weekly.  They pay the staff a week behind, so a payment now is for hours las


I'm ATT EA CTA IIT (Dip) and looking to increase my knowledge on the topic of valuing companies.


A client has spent money designing a plastic product using a professional sculptor costing £5,000 and has another company prepare and build a steel mould for £15,000.


I have a CCJ obtained against a not very nice person who owes me some money.

Whilst he is going around telling everyone who will listen that I am the bad guy for taking him


Hi all

I filed my tax return for the year 2013-14 on April 10th, and it turns out I'm owed £1,980, which is great.


Does anyone know where the check box to claim the 2014/15 employment allowance is in sage INSTANT payroll please?


We have a client who travels to and stays in America whilst carrying out Training and Consultancy work.

Can any one advise me how I  go about converting directors loan accounts to shareholders capital account. 


Regularly we read news stories about how many hours staff work beyond those they are contracted for, says Jeff Archer, founder of