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A few oversea investors have a limited company registered outside uk. They are interested in trading properties in the uk (flipping only).


We dissolved a company, without debt in 2013 and full accounts were filed for that year.


My practise is looking at anti money laundering software and as we are also a payroll bureau we need to do a lot of AML checks.

I am putting together a spread sheet for joiners to an auto enrolment pension scheme.

One of the fields required is "Relevant Date" - is this the same as the Staging date?


I'm using a combination of Moneysoft and People's Pension.

I'm trying to upload a csv file and am getting the message "Letter H is missing from the first row of the file".


FCA leaves Quindell mess to Serious Fraud Office

Hi can any one help, or have we missed the time scale window to register loss for CGT on share loss?


I have a client who had been a sole trader up to May 2015 before incorporating new Ltd Co. Was not registered for Vat as sole trader as was under the threshold.