An audit client has chosen to capitalise Legal and Professional fees in relation to a "potential' move of premises" that could happen "at any point within the next 3-5 years"



A client of mine who is a IT consultancy business has excess fund and wants to invest in bonds and shares.  He is also contemplating buy to let property


Client has built up funds of 100K in his company.  He wants to move overseas as his girlfriend has found a job.


If a shareholder has advanced money as a loan to a company, with no short-term (or medium term) intention to demand repayment, should this be classed as Equity or Long term liability in the balance


Looking at the 30 day rule for VAT (13 (5) vat regs 1995) and trying to interpret.  Where a law firm supplies it services on say, litigious matters it is classed as a continuous supply.


My client has 3 properties the mortgage for two in wife's name, the other in his.  He and his wife have stated that she is the sole beneficiary  of all rental income from all properties including t


An IT contractor based in UK with his own Limited company (sole director) is moving to California. He will work for the US customer in California on their premises


To simplify an example with numbers:

Dry cleaner has sales of £1000 per week

Inventory (of processed clothing) has retail cost of £2000

Cost of sales is around 5% or £100


For some reason a payment from the bank which was reconciled in the January reconciliation is showing as unreconciled. It keeps appearing on the bank rec.for the months after Jan.


Deloitte has sold the Gherkin building in London to a Brazilian billionaire for a reported £700m.