Can anyone help with PDF trust settings, I have trusted the certificate but I can't change the advance settings to get me past the first screen, where it is trying to autosave.


Can someone assist me on this one please, my employer recently acquired a new business and we paid our Accounting firm £4,000 for the provision of consultancy services and attendance of various mee


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Could someone point me in the direction of some detailed guidance re: IR35 and Managed Service Companies?  I want to read something independent of the HMRC website.



Client sold a property for £100,000 but gave a builder gifted deposit for £20,000.  It appears that this was to get around the purchaser having issues with the loan to value and the mortgage.



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AccountingWEB has the opportunity to interview the pensions minister, Steve Webb, next month on all things auto enrolment-related.


The key question, explored by the first tier tribunal in the case of

A company supplies promotional staff and ran a promotion for a national food supplier where they gave away food samples and invited the recipient to make a donation to charity.  Some did, some didn

Hi, we have a new employee who has been offered £2,000 for travel expenses for the year.  How is this treated?  Should it be added before or after tax deductions?