Hi.  I am investigating the tax implications of employees attending industry dinners where the company will pay for say a table of 10 and all of those attendees will be company employees.  I think


I’ve been reading the HMRC guidance relating to what VAT can be reclaimed on expenditure before registration


A limited company client which is a small manufacturing business operating from their home address wants to drill a new well (they're not on the mains water).


Please can I get some advice as to which business miles I can claim?

To keep it simple, I will give the places 'letters'.

I live at 'A'

I work at 'B'

  •  Can have some advice please about which internet banking to choose as we want to upload files straight from Sage payroll & Sage acco

Wilkins Kennedy has filed its defence in response to property firm

I have an existing, profitable business with substantial shareholder loans (from shareholders to business) to repay.


I met a potential client today and they mainly deal with property maintenance, Turnover is round 100K.   Profit around 40K