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My company is an investment holding company and recently purchased gold bar for long term investment. How should the investment in gold bar be recognised and measured?


Did my eyes deceive me or did I see a Taxfiler ad that mentioned accounts preparation as well as tax software?


I have a small tour operator company about to register for VAT. The business deals with hotel accommodation only in the UK and ROI.


That’s another Accountex done, a show which gets bigger and better every year.

I'm trying to produce an emergency tax calculator.  A lot of pension providers have decided that they will need to apply an emergency code (1060 Month 1) on lump sums taken from a pot, where there

I would be interested in views on this.

A client has taken a lease hire out on a Mercedes as a pool car.


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I am selling goods by amazon  and working out first vat ,few points if anybody can further explain that will be great:




I have a slight conundrum in respect of place of supply rules.


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I would be most interested in views on the following;