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Would appear that sift staff have once again gone awol and allowed the site to be hijacked.


And people say that HMRC aren't fit for purpose. From the content on this site at the moment I'd say that AWeb has them beaten fair and square.


For all my sins am dealing with DIY client who declared FA including VAT in previous year accounts with no depreciation charge.


After reading various notices and numerous phone calls with HMRC helplines and being referred to Technicians I am still at a loss as to whether we can zero rate our services:

If the net income is over estimated, on the renewal form, and tax credits are reduced or stopped and say the amendment is sent in 3 months later will HMRC then pay the underpayment?


How do I take money from my partnership and what do I pay tax on?



I recently ordered something from and it quoted prices inclusive of VAT.

Now i'm coming to reclaim the VAT, i've noticed that they havent provided a VAT receipt.


A client recently had a letter from DMB claiming that there was a debt of £1100+ owing on the PAYE for Month 11 of 2014/15.


I have a company that has brought forward excess management charges but has taxable income in the current period.

Hi there

Client has just informed us they have overpaid a member of staff just under £4k gross (£500 per month) spanning from their date of commencement in October 2014 to now.