Hi there, I'm a bit baffled by this and am hoping that one of you can help me. I've been working with Sage for years now, but am stumped on how to do this entry!



Can anybody help

A number of our suppliers belong to a buying group, and we make just one payment to this group who then pay the suppliers for us.


Is it true that in the UK, any share capital should be paid to the company within 9 months of the accounting period end?


A company seeking dissolution under CA 2006 s.1000 / CTA 2010 s.1003(a) (previously ESC C16) made a large distribution 2 weeks before cessation of trade.


A client received a letter (out of the blue) this morning saying they had to repay £1,300 of Tax Credit. This is the first the client has heard of it.


As we near the end of the week we’ve got a bonanza of business news to get through this morning including encouraging new ONS figures, an elaborate financial hoax

I have a client with a holding company in the UK that (among other UK subs) has a 10% stake in a US company (worth £5m as at 2013).


I am now the agent for my client who started his company up in August 14. We have literally only received his PAYE Activation from HMRC.


Drinks giant Diageo, which includes brands like Guinness and Johnnie Walker, has ditched KPMG as its auditor of 17 years and will

Would it be possible to transfer the assets between two companies under common control at the TWDV, would I have to elect to do this and if so what are the steps that I need to take.