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Due to HMRC not recognising electricity as a fuel, organisations have pulled the plug on introducing 100% electric vehicles to their fleets.


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·         My client owns the property in UK which is worth of more than 1 million but less than 2 million (at present).


Client has two entities, both VAT registered.  Clients bookkeeper used the wrong log in when submitting one of the returns (so incorrect VAT return submitted for one of the entities).  


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help with what could be a stupid question:


QB2016 has been released and there is a change in terms ,  in short subject to a few provisos you now rent the desktop software rather than buy it ,more income presumably.


Not an unusual situation - director pays official rate of interest on his overdrawn loan account to avoid a P11D benefit.


Less than a year after launching its new system to tax online business, the European Commission has announced a public consultation to look at ways of simplifying its controversial VAT payments

We deregistered from VAT in Feb 2014 and worked below the allowed £79k for that year. This year we worked to the £82k limit but we are a seasonal business just trading for 6 months of the year.


I am carrying out a share valuation on a private Ltd company that has been trading for a number of years.


I have suppliers in the USA and Europe and i use a bureau service to pay them (Currencies Direct / Currency Cloud etc)