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Those of you who take an interest in the history of fraud might recognise this man, the others will probably not. You see before you Charles Ponzi, the Italian-American responsible for the Ponzo scheme (similar to, but not the same as, a pyramid scheme). He arrived in the US with two and a half dollars in his pocket having gambled away his entire life savings on the voyage out from Italy. Fifteen years after his arrival he was making as much as $250,000 a day.

Here he is in the roaring 20s doing something mysterious to a tree, the scoundrel.


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Anonymous | | Permalink

Charles never could spell pansy properly


Anonymous | | Permalink

Charles proudly shows off his rubber tree, from which most of his cheques are made


Anonymous | | Permalink

Look, how many people would actually want to buy a pyramid?


skylarking | | Permalink

Mr Ponzi demonstrates his new flushing mechanism but realises further development is required before it replaces the hole in the ground

Caption Competition

Anonymous | | Permalink

John Wyndham gets an idea for a book


Anonymous | | Permalink

The original Doctor Who grapples with an actor unconvincingly dressed as an extra-terrestrial rubber plant

Aspire to tree

kevlaw | | Permalink

Follow the Ponzo system, and you too can own your own tree, just like this one


kevlaw | | Permalink

Is the Ponzo scheme on the level? It's as straight as the fruit in this tree.


kevlaw | | Permalink

travelling 9,000 miles to show little johnny what a banana looked like was perhaps not as economical as going to Asda


kevlaw | | Permalink

"Play it where it lies!" An early golfing pioneer is having second thoughts about the golf course on a banana plantation


kevlaw | | Permalink

An auditor demonstrates how a new invention is going to revolutionize stock checks in the banana industry

Accounting Industry

thelostboy | | Permalink

"The Accounting Industry is modern and forward-thinking.." claims one member, pictured above.

Money Tree

TIMMAC | | Permalink

Charles Ponzi shows his investors their new money tree.


kevlaw | | Permalink

In his spare time, George Formby liked nothing better than taking his tree for a walk

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Tax Less taxing?

derek44 | | Permalink

Tax less Taxing?
Pull the other one Gordon...