The secrets of the perfect meeting | AccountingWEB

The secrets of the perfect meeting

Patrick Bird outlines how accountants can make a good first impression in meetings with prospective clients.

Communicating effectively and making a message memorable can be a challenge, especially in face-to-face situations. Whether it's with a client or prospect, the pressure of delivering information in the right tone and style requires careful planning.


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AnneEB | | Permalink

Odd pic ... I would not like a new accountant to grab me by the elbow!

Good article though.  Clients are more impressed if they get a chance to talk and listen, not just one of the two.

I am so bored by presentations and I don't like a client who has nothing to offer, so a dialogue & case studies are a very good idea.


Secrets of the Perfect Meeting

PublicityOxford | | Permalink

Agree about the pic, would definitely feel uncomfortable if I was being held onto!!

Apparently there are over 30million powerpoint presentations given globally in any one day. Just imagine what it would be like if we all had conversation and interaction in that time I am sure we would get more done.

I recently facilitated a Presentation skills course for a client, following which, one of the participants cut down his powerpoint slides from 30 to 5 for a presentation to his executive the next day. Following the presentation he rang to confirm he got the decision he needed, speaking from the heart, with few slides to get in the way of his passion for the subject and in half the time!!



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