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Top tips for better time management

What type of worker are you? If you’re struggling to manage your time, it could be because you haven’t mastered your own work style.


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Type A = Private Sector and Type B = Public Sector?

onesys | | Permalink

Do A and B match the Private and Public Sector, or am I generalising too much ;-)

Isn't it funny how this type of excercise could benefit me (and many others?) but I just can't find the time to put it into practice :-( I'm writing this during what used to be my daily commute. Now there is a great tip for better time management - Work from Home - that will save most people two hours per day, which is more than 12% of your waking hours. No other time-saving tip will come close to that percentage.

Better time management is a great idea but many people I speak to have been forced to multi-task / fire-fight, due to the fact that there is no one left to delegate to. They just don't have time for planning and goal-setting.

It's too late for me (old dog, new tricks) but I hope that time management is on the curriculum nowadays.

For those of you in charge of staff and who would like to get a clear real-time overview of how they spend your or your clients' budgets, timesheet software is a great way to visualise the difference between chargeable and non-chargeable time and it can facilitate home working too.

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Further Reading

Sir Digby Chick... | | Permalink

I can highly recommend the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for anyone who is having difficulty with time management. Just a thought.

Multi-tasking - does it exist?

lilwly | | Permalink

 I can say, truly, multi-tasking does not actually exist. It is actually task-swapping.

Think about it; if you are in a middle of a task, and someone comes in and ask you a question, saying it will only take 5 minutes - you stop what you are doing, and entertain them. THEN you have to go back to your original task, to which, you have to spend another 5 minutes just remembering where you stopped and continue from there... 

So, hence, its just swapping between two tasks - not multi-tasking (whereby you do both task simultaneously).

Food for thought, uh? 

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Multi-tasking does it exist?

onesys | | Permalink

If you remember that you have forgotten to renew your car tax whilst making love or if you are busy texting last night's date during a long meeting, would that be classed as multi-tasking?

Musti-tasking - does it really exist AT WORK?

lilwly | | Permalink

 LOLLL ... ok, I was talking in terms of Time Management and the article! - didn't realise you read it in the context of other things. Of course it exist. I believe its a general known thing that females can multitask better than males... but in saying that, I'm NOT generalising because I've met males that truly can multitask in their daily lives...

So, hope that clears things up a little! (",)


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