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Importing csv data from a bank account into SAGE

Anonymous | | Permalink

Have tried to import csv data exported from an internet bank account into SAGE only to find that field headings do not match those that SAGE requires.
Any tips please?

Excel: Links to other Excel workbooks

andy_smyth1976 | | Permalink

I've recently built a forecast spreadsheet using Period and YTD figures for each month. However, this is linked to another spreadsheet that's got just monthly forecast numbers. To enable me to do configure this, I've had to use the offset formula as every time I move across two columns on my YTD spreadsheet (Month/YTD; Month/YTD;....), it only needs to move across one cell on the monthly spreadsheet.
My problem starts when I close the backup spreadsheet where I'm picking up the monthly figures, as Excel then returns #VALUE errors in my YTD spreadsheet. When I try to evaluate the error, it specifies that the link is incorrect with #REF! When I replace the first month's figure with a simple formula refering it to the monthly spreadsheet it works fine, but if I copy this formula across then I'd have to manually change all the other monthly formulae - so this would defeat the purpose, especially if I have to role out the formula on all rows.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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