Hidden spreadsheet rows hit Barclays with toxic Lehman contracts | AccountingWEB

Hidden spreadsheet rows hit Barclays with toxic Lehman contracts

On Tuesday 5 November, lawyers for Barclays Capital appeared before the US Bankruptcy Court in New York to try and extricate the company from taking on Lehman Brothers liabilities accidentially included in a PDF copy made of an asset spreadsheet. John Stokdyk reports.


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A fantastic example of misuse of Excel

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

This is a wonderfully real example of how the way Excel is often used can be very dangerous.

I always teach clients to seperate out the data from its presentation. It can then be presented using pifvot tables and the like, where the selection criteria is clearly visible.

If you try to combine the raw data with its presentation, the only way to exclude items is to hide or delete them - you may not want to delete them but hiding them leads to this kind of problem. It also means that totals can be misleading as well.

A very amusing, if sobering, story though.#

Glen John Feechan BA Hon. ACA
[email protected]
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