Want to learn about Excel pivot tables? Start here. By David Carter | AccountingWEB

Want to learn about Excel pivot tables? Start here. By David Carter

If you want to learn about Excel pivot tables, you've come to the right place. AccountingWEB has built up a wealth of learning resources over the past six years. David Carter takes you through what's available.

[Note for users of Excel 2007. These tutorials relate to Excel 97, 2000 and 2003. I haven't updated them to Excel 2007 yet because it is so different from previous versions and I don't know it well enough].

Pivot tables come free with Microsoft Excel and are a must for anyone who wants to analyse their data.


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Formulas in Excel 2007

David Carter | | Permalink

Jean, thanks for the kind comment; I hope to be updating this tutorial to Excel 2007 soon.

At the top of your screen there is a bar called Pivot Table Tools. Click on it. Then choose Formulas in the Tools section at the right (next to Pivot Chart). David

buttercup books's picture

brilliant tutorial

buttercup books | | Permalink

Tutorial - sales analysis with excel pivot tables
although I frequently use excel I haven't used pivot tables before. I thought this tutorial was brilliant and I managed to translate most of it into excel 2007 - but I simply couldn't get to grips with paragraph 17 - using formulas - can anyone translate that into excel 2007 for me

Useful - but misses the first step

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

Having being confused as to how to create pivot tables in practice I discovered on another site that they work only when the data is in lists or tables, not in report format.

This made your tutorials crystal clear from then on.

Although I may be the only one confused in this way, I think specifically stating the requirement for having the data in the right format at the beginning of the tutorial would be useful.

For 2007?

bthadeshwar | | Permalink

Hi David,

Just to check, do you have any time frame by which you would be able to help with Excel 2007?

Sales Analysis tutorial for Excel 2007

David Carter | | Permalink

Re the Excel 2007 version of this tutorial, I've moved into the video age, so there's now a video of this tutorial for Excel 2007 on Youtube.    Link here:


or just go into Youtube and search on MrDatamart     (I've got 4 or 5 up altogether including a couple on the new breed of Excel-based report writers which do all the things you can't do with pivot tables).


alberto63 | | Permalink

You were right: at the beginning, the best way to learn is just doing it, and this tutorials are excellent tools. Besides learning Pivot Tables one gets involved in logical way of accounting thinking. Pure and simple applied knowledge.