Just wondering what software you would recommend for ct filing with hmrc ixbrl formatting etc etc. Currently using abacus


Afternoon, I work in education and use the accounting Software PS Financials. I do not get involved with the general inputting but run several reports which are rubbish.

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We have never experienced this before but here we go:


Ok I have a scenario. We have an employed individual as an engineer. He starts work on 01 september 2014. Prior to this, he incurs expenditure on tools, say 6 years ago on 01 sep 2008.


Hi, I have a client looking at purchasing their own scanner to make a dent in the quarterly receipt and invoice bag, can anyone recommend a fast and reasonably priced scanner with a document feeder


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A client has asked if he can pay his son's school fees through his LTD, as a company donation.


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Difficult question here I believe.

We are a company based in the UK but we need to register for VAT in Romania. To date I have been unable to find how or where to register for Romanian VAT.


Client is joint director and shareholder of a UK LTD CO.


Let’s say for ease both directors and shareholders each earn £600 pm salary on PAYE, and £3,500 per month net dividends.


I wish to automate the population of the field called Title in the workbook's File Properties. For the avoidance of doubt I mean click on file > properties > title.