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I've taken on a new client who was not very happy with the previous accountant.



Our firm (small, two director practise) needs a part-time book keeper to do VAT returns via Sage/excel, payroll and Annual Returns - any members recommend a way of finding a one, i.e.


I have recently formed  a few companies in January for some new start ups I have been working with.


Please could someone advice.

I'm rusty on using SUMIF but managed to get it to total the items in a column where the individual cells had an amount above 2,000.


We offer rebates on volume, so in an example I came across sales above £970k earns a  3% kick back, sales above £989.4k achieve a 4% kick back on sales volume.


I have just moved to the 2016 version and have a new problem.

Since upgrading, whenever I close an Excel file it takes a few seconds uploading.


Can anyone explain the tax rate between 120,000-100,000 I know it is 40 % higher rate band but in between these amounts personal allowances is reduce by Pound1 for 2 pounds .