Hello all you Excel wizards. I would like some help.


Quick question. For ct purposes. When a directors salary is credited to a director loan account.


AccountingWEB’s US-based tech editor-at-large David H Ringstrom continues his tutorial series with tour of the ways of saving and sending copies of your worksheets


I have a spread sheet with multiple tabs.  I am trying to add 3 cells in the same tab and I get only $0.00.  This is happening in multiple cells, not just one.


Microsoft stumbled into security SNAFU when its December bug-fix for Microsoft Office ( MS14-082) disabled ActiveX form controls in Microsoft Excel and other Off

Please does anyone know the typical range of fees charged for producing a comprehensive Business Plan document (incorporating market research, business plan and projected financials) in the London


In a recent Any Answers question, Rikos asked for help with the follo

Hello all, 

Quick question regarding directors remuneration. 


Hi Folks

I am wondering if anyone could share any thoughts on any legislation to seek guidance on direct debit processing,missed payments,reasonable charges allowed?