Can anyone tell me where/how to include accrued interest to be paid first, when the loan repayments start, all to be settled by a fixed repayment over 12 months.


As we all know, over the past month, we've been plagued by fake Aweb users registering a new account, posting a fake IT-related question ...


The latest tip from David Ringstrom was inspired by a question in one of his High Impact Excel webinars.

Hi guys,

Audit planning meeting with new client tomorrow.

Can you be so kind as to remind me some of the most important questions to ask (and document answers)?



I have a couple of clients that require job costing / profitability analysis.  I have developed this in a spreadsheet, but the clients are getting to big for this not to go through software as the


Not a question but wanted to say that I am currently testing Moneysoft Payroll Manager software as we are looking to move over to them from 14/15.


I am trying to enable efficient posting of data from SAGE Payroll operated by our payroll bureau, into our new  ERP system MS Dynamics AX.

Background, we are a fast growing small firm of 12 people having grown

from 2 n half employees 4 years ago. We employ a dedicated "sales" team