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Our client will be non-resident for 2015/16. He is liquidating his UK company and, as I understand it, given his non-resident status, will not be required to pay UK CGT.



My question is probably easier to explain with an example...

A letting agent collects £1000 in rent which is paid into their client bank account by the tenant.


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Excel Tables feature frequently in management reporting tutorials, but Simon Hurst knows that they aren’t perfect. This article offers solutions for some of the key problems.


AccountingWEB’s technology editor-at-large David H Ringstrom delves into the hall of mirrors created by circular references in Excel - and then highlights situations where you might set them up

How can I highlight and move a whole years entry into bank when it should of been suppliers purchases?


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My client has produced their first VAT return using Sage One. They have also produced the usual pdf reports to support the return.