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Can anyone explain the tax rate between 120,000-100,000 I know it is 40 % higher rate band but in between these amounts personal allowances is reduce by Pound1 for 2 pounds .


I have been working in the accounting profession for many years now, and most partners, supervisors that I have worked under have tried to embed in me that we sell time; now I have never fully beli


Hi All

In need of clarification


Resturant is flat rate vat registered after 3 months into tax year.

Sales of £97,421.08


E-signatures have already been marked out as one of the technology trends accountants should watch out for in 2016.




We are a property development company, and have been trading for a number of years.



A client has just bought a Land Rover Discovery 4 Landmark Commercial. The windows and seating have been removed from the back of the vehicle.


As you are probably aware, we have recently embarked on a research project to gather feedback from AccountingWEB


I have noticed the new adverts are now running for the "Governments New Living Wage".


A client has been not UK resident for over around twenty something years.  Although born to UK domiciled parents, they have spent most of their adult life overseas in Australia so her domicile has

I am trying to complete a CGT calculation for personal representatives.