It’s the time of year when I think about my training requirements and as an ICAEW accountant in practice I have traditionally received my training face-to-face, either from Mercia or Smart Training


Firstly, is there already an available spreadsheet template out there that will calculate the optimum remuneration level in difference scenarios?


Simon Hurst delves deeper into the reporting and visualisation capabilities of the Power View add-in for Excel 2013.


I am trying to do a bank reconciliation in Sage (after having inherited a set of accounts from a former accountant).


Hi there, it's my first question so appreciate you reading.  My tax problem relates to long-term investment cash flows (25 years and up) and is as follows:


Excel probably remains the most popular application within accountancy, but that situation could be changing, AccountingWEB’s

Transatlantic trainer David H Ringstrom shows how to expand your formatting repertoire from cell colours and shades to include number formats.


I have a sheet in my workbook which makes a calculation.

On another sheet I would like to list various numbers and next to the numbers the calculation from the first sheet.