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By some strange coincidence, at about the same time I was writing an overview of the Excel


I have a construction client who came to me already using Kashflow.

The driver behind the choice was that have CIS to deal with on both income and Subbies used so felt that Kashflow 


I am now a Baptist. In April 2014 I started going to Baptist church and started to pray and speak to God. In November 2014 I was baptised because God gave me an inner peace I never had before.


Not a question as such - just an update.


So we have Now:Pensions with up to £480.00 per annum charges and now The Peoples Pension announcing a one off £500.00 setup fee......



Hi All,

I have come across an unfamiliar situation regarding VAT registration that I was hoping to get advice on.


HMRC have just called when I was driving (handsfree obviously) stating they had evidence that my gateway login


I've a new client who has a limited company and is also self employed.



Be interested to know if anyone is signing up to start Payrolling of Benefits from 2016?

If you have has it been any easy process so far?


When I try to copy data from a client's spreadsheet into a new spreadsheet, all the dates come out 1,462 days earlier. Any idea why this might be and how I can stop it?