While filling the corporation tax returns, I am finding following errors can anyone please help: 


Is it possible in excel to multiply a range of cells by another cell's contents such that by changing the others cells contents affects the whole range?




I cannot get the 'Order No' field to print on any stationary, choosing any of the standard supplied templates do not work either, the variable is:


Hi, so I'm currently preparing my end of year accounts and I've been struggling to get Sage to account for reverse charge properly, but I think I've now got it set up right (T20 for purchase of ser


Just spoke to sage about my ongoing issue with payments on account for VAT when using various computer software (Xero fro eg).


Any PayPal experts out there?

My understanding:

1.  It is not straightforward to obtain the PayPal account balance on any given date (eg. for checking a year end balance)


Can anyone suggest a suitable bonus scheme to reward a senior manager within an accountancy practice?

Thoughts and advice welcome


Almost on a weekly basis, practitioners are being urged to expand the advisory services they offer - but how do you go about it?

We have a client who has opened a paye scheme. He has simce decided that he does not want to draw a salary. No submissions have been made to hmrc.


This new function won't help you with your accounts tasks, but it will allow you to watch videos while you work.