Background, we are a fast growing small firm of 12 people having grown

from 2 n half employees 4 years ago. We employ a dedicated "sales" team


I manage the accounts for a small Irish company with a UK branch and a VAT Registration in both UK and Ireland with separate VAT returns for the income and expenditure in each country, but the over


As Sage forecasting doesn't support Excel 2013 can anyone recommend an alternative please?


Hi there

Maybe a daft question but does anyone know the full explanations of the following 'Late FPS' reasons?


I have a protected sheet containing two radio button that runs a macro. The macro changes the source files links into that sheet.


This is just a rant....

I am sick to the back teeth of HMRC & RTI to the point that I'm doubting if I want to continue with my 30 year career in payroll....


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Are there any Sage 50 Payroll users out there who could help with a 4 weekly payroll query?


Hi, I need some help. I am trying to post invoice received from our subcontractor. It is for  80 +16 VAT for service provided  and 20 + 5 VAT for overnight spent in the truck.


Hi all

Have just tried calling HMRC Employer Helpline but got through all the rigmarole of talking to the phone and got told to call back as they are too busy to take calls!!