I'm importing an excel bank statement into Sage (2013) and it all works fine apart from inter-bank transfers.


I want to know that if we receive the new tax codes from HMRC and will not update it in the next payroll then would it be okay because it is going to adjust in the self assessment tax return of the


Say I had a dump of data in a format
A,B,C,D, E in columns (ie 5 columns of data). And I wanted to re-Oder the columns to say

A,C,E,B,E ...is there a formula I could use?


We use Sage50 Accounts for our purchase ledger, and a separate (bespoke/built in-house) sales ledger which isn't compatible to integrate w/ Sage.  



 I am at the moment producing approx 80 invoices per month which is quite a tedious process, I know i can bulk upload into sage but it does not add the invoice no's.


Have any members taken part in the Growth Voucher Scheme or know anybody who has?


Hello,  First, sorry for my English. I'm Spanish and came to UK in June for looking for a job.


I am comparing two TBS to see which accounts in TB1 are not present in TB2.
TB1 has the account numbers in column A
TB2 has the account numbers in column C