I have recorded a macro to delete a number of cells.

I then want to check some totals then undelete those cells.

However, Ctrl Z doesn't work.


My company is considering moving from Microsoft Office and using Google Sheets or another package.


We were asked to deal with a non-disclosure issue for a client, lets call him Tom, using the Swiss scheme.  It took a while to obtain the information we have, and it looks like there is still more


I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to explain in laymans terms the following answer I received from Now:Pensions to my query as to why some literature they had sent me showed


I use QuickBooks online, which is has a detailed report of unbilled time charges.  However, it doesn't have a report showing a summary of unbilled time charges by client.


I am preparing the SA return for a client who has earned interest income from Funding Circle.  My question is - what is the status of the "Funding Circle servicing fee" as shown on their annual tax


After expressing disappointment following his first encounter

Hi ,


Can someone please confirm the correct procedure for the following:

If you are a sole trader, you have a business and personal bank account.