It's that time again, I have an Excel query!  I swear my spreadsheet will soon be so full of macros and formulae that it becomes self aware...


I run a UK LTD company. I am based in the Netherlands, and that's where most of my business is. So I get most payments in Euros.


I have recently Incorporated a private LTD company. I am the owner, director and sole employee. I have no other job.


Is there a way to add x number of months onto a date?  Ive tried the below 2 methods and they dont alawys work correctly.


I wish to insert tick and cross mark in a result of an IF statement. e.g. =IF(A1=20,"agrees "&CHAR(252),"disagrees "&CHAR(251))


Can some one recommend good letting management software a, whose price is not that high. For example to take care of 5 to 10 properties rental ?


Hi all,


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I'm in industry but starting to feel my practice knowledge becoming out of date... :-(



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We have started receiving GNS again this week and out of the pile of mainly incorrect ones we have received one which has flagged up a potential problem.


Another question sorry. This one is one of the practice questions in my study manual (thought I'd be honest from the start).