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Can anyone recommend a reputable accounts payable outsourcing company.


We have been approached by an individual who has outstanding vat returns. The client has very limited information to construct the return. He hasnt kept any of the invoices he has issued.


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We have just taken on a client who runs a children's private nursery.

Some employees are only contracted to work during term time ie 43 weeks per year.


I am ACCA qualified accountant with regular licence and I am looking for an audit experience (few months is required) so that I will be able to extend my licence to audit licence.


Does anyone know where and when IFA moving out of headquarters? 2013 report signifies big change but no clear plan?


More advanced versions of Excel 2013 offer extra analysis and viewing tools that take the spreadsheet into the realm of analytical databases.


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Does anyone have any views on IRIS Payroll Professional system please?

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So sorry to ask another AE question but I really do need to start making some decisions on how our payroll Department is going to handle AE going forward.


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Can anyone point me in the direction of a comprehensive list of all AE comms that could be needed.

Have looked online but not having much luck at the moment.