While I was working in excel, I had received a pop up message. I cannot remember it exactly, but it had words like “Key Strokes could slow down”.


 Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically change the name of a sheet to a particular cell within the sheet?


Following a recent Any Answers query asking for more information about Office 365, John Stokdyk bit the bullet and dived into the beta-test version.


Anyone working with accounts data will know the soul-destroying tedium of standardising and cleaning data imports so that you can use them for pivot tables, analysis and Vlookups.

Reference ABCDE_____D_____£300.00

Reference ABCDE_____F_____£400.00

PROBLEM: My LOOKUP function is looking for ABCDE and returing £300.00 instead of £400.00. 



Can any one help with the following?


I am looking for some help with Sage integrated reporting. I want to revise the default aged debtor report that appears in Integrated reporting.


I am trying to write for myself an excel spreadsheet to calculate the IHT exit charge when taking assets out of a relevant asset trust.


Sad, but my OCD is making me do it.  If I type a123 into a cell I want it to change itself to A123, how do I do it?


A round up of tips and tricks to help you cope with Excel’s arithmetic foibles.

Why are Excel calculations sometimes incorrect?