It's been a long time coming, but after nearly a year of technology preivews and beta testing, Microsoft Offic


Does anybody know of a formula that will hide (/not print) a row if there is no data in a given range?


Where I have been working the staff seem to use the approach of preparing accounts using analysis paper and excel ie summarising the figures and posting up to iris for example from control accounts




Could you please help?


John Stokdyk lifts the lid on the Excel 2010 KPI dashboard he used through the football season to pick his winning fantasy team. 


Does anyone know how how I can overcome the problem of summing rounded numbers on excel and getting a figure that is maybe a pound or two out on the total just because of the way the individual fig


I have created an excel file with two sheets trial balance and general ledger.  I want a formula or formulas that generate a hyperlink on each row of the trial balance that when clicked takes me to


I have been using excel for years, and lately, I am keen to learn VBA, but not sure where to start. Lots of people suggested that I should buy a book by John Walkenbach.


Hi, can anyone help me with this problem...