It all started when spreadsheet guide Bill Jelen (aka MrExcel) declared that 25-31 March would be VLOOKUP Week.


The debate about spreadsheet risks refuses to go away, with rival developers tangling in recent weeks over the potential threat to business users.


Start with a row of numbers. "x"

I wish to calculate the sum of the results of an operation applied to the numbers - for example, sum the squares of the numbers. "f(x)"




I have a table of excel data, but I want to sort the customers wherever the name 'smith' appears in the cell. eg John Smith or Smithson.


I run a small accountancy practice and have been contemplating whether I should buy an iPad, but can see little justification, as there are not many apps (in my opinion) that would assist me with m


Say I have a timesheet.  I put in 'Mr A Bloggs' and wonder, 'What other entries were made for this client?'.


Excel lecturer David Ringstrom has started publishing a series of quick Excel tips on our sister site AccountingWEB.com.

Shareholder with 5% equity charges expenses of phone bill, travel and meeting expenses to Company - how to treat for tax and VAT



Hi all,


I would like to know how to account for:


  • lapses under IFRS 4
  • Cancellation of an insurance policies
  • Health insurance