I need to place the cursor to the next empty cell in a particular column, so that it can copy and paste the next item in the next available empty cell.



I put


When I go back to the cell it now shows



Microsoft has created a set of PDF Quick Reference Cards to help users navigate around Excel 2010.


Excel’s VLOOKUP function is probably second only to pivot tables in popularity for management reporting and accounting users. Simon Hurst looks into its potential applications.


I have asked this question before, but will try my luck again.


Last month, David H Ringstrom discussed ways in which Excel formulae using SUM functions could be extended by using multiple criteria.


Hi All

As I have not closed off the previous year yet.  I have pulled through my sage data as a pivot table. 

The P&L I have running totals from Mth 1 onwards that is OK.


While it does not take too long to analyse bank statements downloaded into an Excel/CSV file, into its different expense classifications, has anybody been able to speed the process up sucessfully u


A 15-year-old Cambridgeshire schoolgirl has become the Microsoft Excel 2007 world champion, after beating hundreds of thousands of competitors to claim the crown and win a $5,000 scholarship.

Recently, I have been getting this error messge when I try to create a Pivot Table from Table in excel 2007. I have checked every single column and there is no empty one.