Hi all,


I would like to know how to account for:


  • lapses under IFRS 4
  • Cancellation of an insurance policies
  • Health insurance


I have a tracker.  People putting lower case letters in codes is not cool, so I want to make it so my spreadsheet either rejects them, or better yet, corrects them.


I am looking for a formula whereby you can enter your accounting dates and period and it will tell you what is your assesable profits in the opening/closing and change of accounting dates.  Is this


Time spent exploring Microsoft’s mountain of Excel resources will often reveal hidden treasures - even to the people who know the program best.

I am new to VBA, so please bear with me.As most of you probably know,the columns size in excel do not automatically adjust themselves, i.e. you have to manually re-adjust them.


Simon Hurst advises how Excel’s PowerPivot add-in can streamline your dashboard measures.

Does anyone have practical experience of using software products that can create postings in Sage from an Excel spreadsheet i.e. remove the need to manually key entries to Sage.