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I contacted a Indian IT company recently.  They offer IT products and services in th UK.   The work is sent back to develop in India and if its selling software the Indian team would enabled access


Hi there,

I wonder if you could help. I am using excel 2007. I have a about 5000 rows of data with cells containing two alphabetical letters as below:



I am hoping to sign up an international start up

They have one client in the UK and the work is undertaken by one contractor


As part of my work helping clients to run their businesses, we were asked recently to automate the process of chasing debtors to some degree.


My Hard disk crashed and lost all my paye rti data till 1/6/13, but I had successfully submitted the payments online before this accident.


I am preparing clients tax return which they have one property and one employment.


New to practice and obviously do not want to overcharge my clients



I started my practice less than one year back

I get calls regularly from companies promising to get my simple wordpress website on the first page and not using google adwords.


I have a list of stock items purchased since year dot.

I have a list of stock items sold since year dot.


In his latest productivity tip, US-based trainer David H Ringstrom tackles a common challenge for accountants - how to pick duplicate values out in a lengthy Excel worksheet.