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I have currently completed my level 3 AAT qualification and now moving onto level 4. I am thinking of doing some bookkeeping after hours etc as a sole trader. 


From time to time, I have a situation where a row in Excel loses its row number (i.e.


I have a spreadsheet to calculate Er's NI contributions per employee.


I'm not the bookkeeper but unfortunately I still have to suffer the Sage 50 effect.  I hate it for all kinds of reasons.


I have a list of over 1,000 items.  I want to search for the latest occurance of a word, but when I search, Excel starts at line 1, meaning I have to click past a lot of items to get to the one I w


In his latest Excel tip article from AccountingWEB.com, David Ringstrom reviews the options for protecting the worksheet integrity in different versions of Excel.


I am trying to calculate how much bonus to pay an employee so that the net cost to the company is £1000.

Employers NI is 13.8% and Corporation Tax is 20%.


For all the buzz about Cloud accounting, the Software Satisfaction Awards 2012 confirm that Sage 50 Accounts and QuickBooks both continue to support sizeable numbers of users.


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Sometimes Excel alone is not enough, so David Ringstrom offers advice on how to install and track add-ins that extend the application.