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I need to prepare a cash flow forecast in excel, preferably one which can be updated regularly.  Need to forecast receipts and payments based on sales and purchase figures, both forecast and openin


Can anybody help please?


I have a Sage Payroll back up file from Aug 2011, obviously Payroll year end 2012.


I have taken IDs and proof of addresses from propective client in order to comply with the ML legislation and client acceptance procedures before signing the engagement.


I have purchased new laptops (windows 8) and I am reviewing my practice systems. Currently using:


Inspired by the game developed in Excel on the news page I have re-awoken a dream I had years ago to use Excel to make a 'choose your own adventure' style game, along the lines of the old page turn


OK, so I have started a new role with a company who are required to convert their reporting to Head Office into IFRS and I think that I am becoming confused with some of the principles of IFRS that


I have been trying to obtain online authorisation for a new payroll client for the last week, the submission kept failing and I thought I was being given the wrong numbers.  However, both the clien


A Canadian accountant and video games enthusiast has found a novel way of using Excel for something other than number-crunching.


I have some quite old spreadsheets which I use every day. I am now using a PC with Excel 2010 and opening the spreadsheets in compatibility mode.


Adaptive Planning CEO Rob Hull recently visited the UK to meet the online application’s growing user base in this country.