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After more than 60 years of office computing, getting fast and accurate management reports is a still a struggle for many senior managers and their accountants.



I'm using Excel 2007 and what I want is that when users click to close the file, a message pops up to remind them "Lock the worksheet before closing".


I would say I'm an Excel geek and there's not much I haven't seen or done in a spreadsheet.


Just been looking at a number of cloud accounting systems and I'm just about to select Kashflow I think.


I'm looking for a standard database for managing my client list including client details, UTR, VAT numbers, etc and also to manage filing deadlines.


I am trying to prepare a tax calculation worksheet to pass on to clients to enable them to monitor their liabilities on a monthly basis.


We’ve all done it at some time: accidentially closing an Excel workbook without remembering to save it. Or your computer crashes or the office is hit by a power cut.

Hi all,

I have a bit of an odd one here.  I have a sheet in my management accounts called 'Budget Data' and a sheet called '2013MA' which is my income statement.


Hi, I volunteer at a small charity which uses Sage 50 to manually issue 400+ near identical invoices on a monthly basis.  Sage's inbuilt batch import functionality does not give me the physical inv