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Yes I should know this.


If I have a column of data, what's the best way of checking for duplicated data? Somehow using the count function or a pivot table?


We are using Windward's Autotag as a Reporting Tool for Sage 50 Accounts for creating a Reports. But there is a problem connecting Sage 50 Accounts database with Autotag software.


Is there any particular cashflow format required by banks.  My client needs to put a cashflow forecast together for some financing arrangement


I have a data list of car makes and models in two columns.


Hi, I'm using Excel 2007 and have some hyperlinks to other sheets of the workbook in my file.  However, they keep breaking depending on whether the workbook is checked out of Sharepoint or not - be


I have a UTR in cell A1 in the format 1234512345.  My OCD makes me need to make that 12345 12345 (I'm updating the database to filling gaps and the existing entries are in this format).


I know banks say Monday to Thursday is 4 days but what is one day? If somebody wants to borrow something for 4 days is that Monday to Thursday? Is 3 days Monday to Wednesday?


As the RTI comes to live shortly there is an amount of work involved to ensure that you have all information about your clients correct, both business and each individual employees' information.