Nearly a quarter of accountants surveyed at a recent ICAEW IT Faculty event have experienced financial or reputational damage due to spreadsheet errors and poor controls.

When one of my Colleague receives an e-mail with an excel attachement, and click open it, the file does not open, but if he saves it an excel file, he can open it. This baffles me as why.


I have Excel 2010 and seem to recall reading that a PDF file can be inserted into Excel.


So I have a hundred line file, 15 columns across.  I freeze the panes so the top row (1) is always at the top of the page, no matter where I scroll.


I would like to protect an Excel worksheet, and prevent the formulas from being visible.  The Protect Sheet function prevents changes provided the "select cells" options are deselected, but the for


The nominees have been revealed in the business software industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.


Microsoft formally launched its Office 365 edition, which puts the familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications into the Cloud.

 I've had ongoing problems with MS Office 2003 (on a PC running Windows XP) and decided to invest in MS Office 2010 which has at long last cured my problems BUT whenever I try to open an old Excel


Is it possible to insert the worksheet name in a spreadsheet other than in the header or footer (where it's easy)?


I have set up lead schedules on excel for clients B/Sheet. That is, I have lead schedules for fixed assets stock, debtors, creditors, etc.