Some useful advise about presenting business information in “dashboard” formats came our way via Andy Pope’s Exce


In an Excel spreadsheet (Excel 2003) I have a huge column of figures some plus, some minus - all I want to do is to have column 2 for all debits and column 3 for all credit figures.


Hi, can someone please post in response an excel formula which returns the state retirement age for an individual based on two input variables: gender and date of birth?


Simon Murphy, aka Smurf on Spreadsheets, has been waging an epic campaign against the


March seems to be Excel month in Microsoft’s “patch Tuesday” calendar, with seven vulnerabilities patched this week in the spreadsheet program, and another six addressing the Office Excel Viewer, O


Practice automation and Excel expert Simon Hurst is one of those who has been encouraging accountants to embrace the potential of electronic filing and XBRL.


I have an Excel worksheet that has two columns: CSJNumber (column A) and ARRARvw (column B). Cell A2 and every other cell in that column has a value in it.


I am using Microsoft Excel 2007 on Vista and on attempting to save workbooks, I frequently get the error message 'Filename cannot be saved due to a sharing violation'  Does anyone else have this pr


If an LLP has 2 corporate partners, and the LLP pays the profits up to the companies, how is this shown in the company accounts (ie description), and would the company be classified as a trading co