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The company suffered a large loss in 2012 (due to large legal fees) though they have been profitable in the previous 14 years.  Their distributable reserves are nil


I just had a meeting with a prospective client and thought I was familar with the tax rules.


I have just taken on a new client.  Having checked last year accounts filed noticed a number of errors which I have passed as prior year adjustments in the comparatives for the latest accounts. 


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I am in the process of evaluating with a view to purchasing Limited Company year end accounts and CT production software.

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I am currently collecting monthly fees by SO but I am keen to switch to DD ASAP. Is there a certain amount of transactions you need before you can justify it.


Taken on new client. 2011 accounts were filed incorrectly


I use Sage Accounting and I have somehow been left with a very old negative balance on one of my creditors accounts.  I have tried to get rid of it via the bank account but it will not process a ne


Would somebody be able to help me calculate the amount I could save by using childcare vouchers?



I have a client who runs a large manufacturing/engineering business. 

At present they use an old piece of software called AS400 to control the stages of development.