My client uses Sage MMS & I have developed with him a comprehensive Excel2007 model (using ODBC) for monthly Management accounts reporting.

I used to be able to do this, not sure what has gone wrong...


So I have a very simple macro, I hit record, type a, press the right arrow key twice then press b, then return:


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Could there be something in the personality profile of individuals who use Excel a lot that predisposes them to enjoy statistically complicated sports such as cricket and baseball?

I am calculating the XIRR on a set of cash flows over a lengthy period of time.  The XIRR formula gives me a 0% result, even though the XNPV formula works ok; the IRR formula gives a DIV/0 error. 


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I am thinking of a new laptop, and using openoffice.org.   Wondering what others experiences are. Does it work with VTaccounts by any chance?


We have a new Excel spreadsheet to produce charity accounts that were previously on Lotus and Word.


I'm looking at putting together an expense sheet for my employees, (some of who travel around Europe), and want to keep it as simple and easy to use as possible for them.