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Hi all,

I have a bit of an odd one here.  I have a sheet in my management accounts called 'Budget Data' and a sheet called '2013MA' which is my income statement.


Hi, I volunteer at a small charity which uses Sage 50 to manually issue 400+ near identical invoices on a monthly basis.  Sage's inbuilt batch import functionality does not give me the physical inv



Hi I am running Sage Accounts.


I am running the payroll for the month of March 2013. The employee is the director of the company. His gross earning for the year 2012/2013 was £11,250. I am using Iris Basic payroll software.


Looking for a cheap accounting package for upto 5 clients.


Hi All,

Does anyone know where I could get a pro forma P&L and Balance Sheet for a property rental/investment business and Ltd Co.?


I raise an invoice dated say 1st of each month from Jan to Dec as the client pays for services monthly. If I raise a statement at say todays date it will include all future invoice even though I ch


It’s the month end again and boards around the country are already pressing their finance teams for the latest figures.


Can anyone help with a business valuation template and certificate.

Would really appreciate a prompt response. Thanks


The owner of the company who lives overseas opened a UK company and gave his friend a UK director 50% of the shares at £1 each (500 shares)