Can anyone tell me how to access the parameters of an already-named range in 2007?  In previous versions it was in 'Insert/Name/Define'  but this does not appear to be available in 2007!  I know ho


How do I get excel to change numbers in to words?  ie : on share register to print on the certificates as part of a merged document


An article explaining the Named Ranges feature in Excel 2007 remains the single most popular item ever published on AccountingWEB.co.uk.

Microsoft has upped the educational content in its Excel blog. Here are highlights from recent posts, including the answer to a very popular Any Answers query.


The use of spreadsheets for building systems to plan, budget and report have clear limitations, reports Rod Newing.


AccountingWEB.com contributor David H. Ringstrom CPA recently published a collection of useful tips on how popular formulae can be extended by using multiple criteria.


Basically I have 24 months of data in a spreadsheet, columns of income/expenses along the top, rows of months to the side.


Nearly a quarter of accountants surveyed at a recent ICAEW IT Faculty event have experienced financial or reputational damage due to spreadsheet errors and poor controls.

When one of my Colleague receives an e-mail with an excel attachement, and click open it, the file does not open, but if he saves it an excel file, he can open it. This baffles me as why.


I have Excel 2010 and seem to recall reading that a PDF file can be inserted into Excel.