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A client of has asked me a question I cannot answer.  He asked me to come up with a formula that calculates this problem:


In honour of Oscar season, Debra Dalgleish posted an updated version of her Excel movie database on her


I have a client that has developed a mobile phone application and is selling it through Android (owned by google) so every 2-3 days he will get a receipt from google checkout for say £180 being the


I have a Workbook with sixteen worksheets.  When making a change on any one of the worksheets the change happens on all the other worksheets too.  I am unable to copy and paste the individual works


Just wondering if anyone out there can help me.

I have a calculation in an Excel spreadsheet that works

out a yield % per year on a bond. This caculation worked


 Windows XP/Excel 2007 recently told me that there was a problem with one of my the macros in my personal macro workbook and now denies me access to any of them.  How can I get them back?


A rather complicated bank rec.


Can any Excel wizz help me please.

I have c. 10,000 lines of data all in column A which is in the form FieldA/FieldB/FieldC etc to Field G