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Based on a series of user case studies and interviews, Rod Newing puts the case for using data analysis to improve commercial decision-making.


We've recently bought TAS Accounts for our small company in Shepherds Bush, but looking for some training as the TAS doesn't have courses available.


When I export in csv file from either Sage or TAS, Excel swaps the month and day for any day up to 12 eg 03/04/2012 becomes 04/03/2012 but 15/04/2012 will not change.


I have a spreadsheet on Excel, a sort of time sheet.  If I put in a client reference it fills in the client name using VLOOKUP.  However, later when I need to find what I did for a certain client I


This is a relatively straight forward concept but I've been going round and round in circles!!!

Client has purchased a van for 5,754

Interest amount is 1,517.72


A Surgeon friend of mine has been attending medical conferences overseas to deliver his expert knowledge to his audience (part of his CPD).  He had to fund the travel himself since his employer ref


I only recently started my practice (September 2012), it has been a struggle to get new clients and despite my efforts getting a little frustrated