Word reaches ExcelZone from EuSpRIG mainstay and Excel author Patrick O'Beirne that there will be an Excel developers’ conference in Lond

“What would you want to bother with Excel on an iPad?


I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs. Tab 1 cell A1 I enter the profit and cell D45 displays the result (a figure based on a comination of tax etc).


Bill James, the finance director for Kuwait Petroleum International Aviation Company, was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had won a luxury weekend for two at Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa in the

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I am trying to calculate standard charge out rates for our staff and have to have a addition line in there for our NI.


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I've searched for an ipad spreadsheet on this site, nothing much came up.  Apple's App store has quite a few, but none with good reviews. 


A client has e-mailed me a csv and some of the dates are in UK format ie 10/11/2011 and others are in US format ie 11/15/2011. How can I convert the american ones in to the UK format.