Very basic question here!!

How can I say "If B12 is a negative number insert a 0"


Hi. I'm hoping someone can help with what seems like a simple problem. I receive a file in .xlsx file every month and need to import it onto our system as a .csv file.




i am a recent set up my own limited company and i would  be grateful if someone can given me some guidance on how to produce some accounts.



I have a workbook with 50 or so separate worksheets each containing data in the same format (basically it's a list of contact addreses split into counties - 1 worksheet per county)


I am not new to Pivot Table, but new to PowerPivot (PP). After viewing some clips on PP, I am blown up by the power of PP Analytical capability and decided to upgrade to excel 2010.


One of the most satisfying Excel blogs on the Net is Contextures.

Simon Hurst unearths and highlights some of the most commonly recurring themes from Excel Zone’s Any Answers.


I normal use a drop down arrow in data validation. The problem with drop down cell is you have to hover over the cell to see the arrow. Combo box appears to be much better and visible.


do you have relevant podcasts/webinars you wish to share with aw readers?


do aw readers think there should be more discussion groups and if so on what topics?