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The latest version of Excel comes with some built-in checking and audit tools. Simon Hurst explains how one of them can help most users reduce the risk of spreadsheet errors.

In another handy tip, AccountingWEB.com’s David H Ringstrom explains how to use conditional formatting as an aid for financial and performance analysis.

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Perhaps someone can explain to me where I'm going wrong.

Daily, OANDA send me a cross table of selected currencies, take Thursday 06 December 2012, prices are ask at cash rate:


Earlier in the year there was a discussion on AWEB re:peer to peer lending and invoice discounting.


Just received a call from a director of my UK client whose head office in US.  They have a company in the UK

Their rather eccentric US owner has decided the following



I have tried to import data using Powerpivot from Sage 50 v18 (2012) but for some reason it just won't connect to the data using the ODBC datasource connection.


I am trying to establish an optimum system for the actual working papers in the accounts preparation.


I am having a problem with the free download for profit extraction. I can download it fine and extract it but I do not end up with an excel document which I can use. Can anyone help?