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I am trying to value an IT Start up.  While I understand the methodology of valuing the company, it would be useful to know what value similar IT companies have been sold or valued for.


Can this be done directly or do reports need to be exported to Excel and then into Sage?    For example, I would like to import purchase order information (in Euros) from the Access database.


I'm preparing a series of articles for AccountingWEB that hark back to a very successful series several years ago when we asked a lot of finance managers,


We are just starting out on a project to make our various email bulletins "responsive" so that they'll display equally well in a PC email program such as Outlook as on a smartphone or tablet.


I have just this minute come of the phone to SAGE and I could scream!


Invoicing/Accounts pro-forma invoice for aircraft handling company




Bit of an odd one. Don't normally use Linked Spreadsheets. What I have is a formula



I use Sage projects to cost our jobs and transfer data through a report into Excel.  To make this more automated and up to date for non Sage users I am trying to use the EIR add in.


Greetings my number crunching chums.

RTI is like making love to a beautiful woman.


As a newly formed bureau we have successfully been filing RTI for our clients despite coming in to this with little experience (albeit having worked for an accountant for 15 years!).