I need to forecast receipts from individual key clients, each having different credit terms.


Basically, A1 has the year end date (31/12/11, shown as 31/12 by setting to dd/mm).

I want B1 to say days until CT600 is due.  Easy, +B1-Z1 (where Z1 is =date() )


I was working on several excel spreadsheets yesterday, I did save periodically, however, when I opened them today, most of the work I did, is not there as if I hadn't saved it.


I am a bookkeeper for a small construction company.  We have just had a large bad debt.  I need to urgently prepare a 12mth budget including monthly P&L, Balance Sheet & Cashflow taking our


Hello all readers



I have a client who is to receive £4,300 a month for 97 months.  They want to sell this income stream for an up front lump sum.  The lump sum should give whoever buys the income stream a gross retu


Hi, I'm thinking of moving to BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel and wondered if anyone on this forum would be willing to share their opinion on the functionality of the product.



I want help with the =sum please.

Current formulae in cell a1 is +5000-b1-c1-d1-e1-f1 etc etc.


In a bid to popularise the latest version of Excel, Microsoft’s TechNet facility for IT professionals has opened an

This article collects together ExcelZone tips and tricks for dealing with the problems that can occur when working with dates in Excel.