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Hi All,


Does anyone have or could anyone recommend somewhere that I can get a P11D template in Excel for use before inputting the figures intot the manual/online form



I have a pivot table in Excel 2003, which contains a dropdown list in the table header that is based on a column of dates.


Hi All,

I trust you are all well.  I was really hoping someone would be able to help me with a query that I have for the reducing the balance method of depreciation in Excel.


These snippets from David H Ringstrom bring together some useful techniques for handling text in Excel.


I'm really stuck on this, and my laptop doesn't seem to be doing what Excel help pages on the web said it should be???

Anyway, 3 columns below - D, E, and F


This happens to me more often than you'd think, so a shortcut would be a help!


I have recently acquired an air conditioning installation company who have only just set up but needs to provide Applications for Payment, does anybody have a template they wouldn't mind sharing or


Simon Hurst reviews the techniques available for extracting and reporting on accounts data with the tools available in Excel 2010.


Am looking for a mentor paid or unpaid. Is there any one you can recommend ? thany you.