I help with my partners scaffold business by looking after all the finance and administration.  I have done this for the last 6 years and record all expenses onto an excel spreedsheet which is then



I just start up my Limited Liability company and would like to open my company current bank account for 500 Pounds.

what is the accounting treatment for this transaction?


Cell A1 says "27 Aug 10". Excel appears to know this is a date because =MONTH(A1) returns "8". However, when I apply the format dd/mm/yy to cell A1, it does not change to 27/08/10.


My small team of three are drowning in paper and emails!


I am looking for an Excel add-on that will take the data from Sage to produce a monthly management report based on the P&L and a cash flow based on bank transactions, both showing monthly colum


I have a developed a spreadsheet that i need to send out to colleagues which uses the function =today().


Word reaches ExcelZone from EuSpRIG mainstay and Excel author Patrick O'Beirne that there will be an Excel developers’ conference in Lond

“What would you want to bother with Excel on an iPad?


I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs. Tab 1 cell A1 I enter the profit and cell D45 displays the result (a figure based on a comination of tax etc).