We have just been asked to act for a small leasing company. The leases are all vehicle leases, and would be defined as finance leases within SSAP21.


Does any one know a quick method to resolve the issue of a spreadsheet with dates entered as text

e.g "10.12.2008"


I have created a worksheet for a client to use and want to protect it to stop accidental messing up.


I have created a chart in Powerpoint.  This has actual figures to Dec'09 and budget figures to Mar'10.  Clearly the data table has zero figures for the actual for Jan'10 to Mar'10 and these are cau


the link to an excel workbook containing all the schedules/working papers used in preparing accounts working papers file?

Any help will be extremely appreciated.


I know it is a bit basic, but preparing accounts in Excel it annoys me that I cannot get straight left and right borders on my text in paragraphs.


I posted up the following code on another Excel forum in response to a question.  If you have a workbook and you want to identify formulas where a constant value has been added/subtracted/multiplie

Just how important are range names?

I want to transfer a section of sheet 1 onto sheet 2.  The section is 4 columns by 300 rows.

I have tried to cut and paste it with limited sucess.


We use Sage accounts production at present and unfortunately this can't produce LLP accounts. Does anyone know of any excel packages we could use to produce LLP accounts.

Suzy Childs