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My client has not filed his tax return for 2010/11 and 2011/12.


Hoping to take a new client but she doesn't have much money and want to be fair




Can anyone please suggest an excel formula to calculate, as accurately as possible, the closing debtors based on debtor days for forecast purposes?



Today, someone told me they received a letter from HMRC that they sold a property and should have paid CGT.


Client has received a number of very old creditors on its ledger which it will never pay.  Yes it is within the statutory of limitation but they are adamant this is not a debt


In Excel 2003 is there a quick way to highlight all cells that contain formulae or all cells that do not contain formulae? Also, is there a quick way of locking all cells that contain formulae?


Has anyone got any experience with using the Sage Diary function?

two questions;

1) do you have to have the Sage Diary tab active for Sage reminders to pop up?


Can't live with it. Can't live without it. John Stokdyk explores the management accountant's love affair with the spreadsheet.


I assume there are no tax implications or restrictions of a Turkish foreign contractor invoicing a UK company for expenses and fees.  

I have just taken on a client and his accounts are a total shambles.