Does anyone know how to,presuming it can be done,increment the numbering on a form setup in Excel e.g. a Sales order form.


I wonder if anyone can help with a formatting issue i come across from time to time. We use an sql based practice management package which allows the exporting of client data to excel.


I have a sheet with dates running across C7 to IT7. I would like to hit a macro bitmap that activates a macro to go to today's date. I managed to get a macro to go to the next blank using:


How can I format a cell so that it displays a negative time rather than ####  ??

e,g, for use in flexi- time calculations.


A new series of articles offering tips and tricks to conquer common Excel problems starts with time formats and calculations.

Having got to grips with Excel 2010, lecturer David H Ringstrom highlights five minor changes that have improved his efficiency in the new version. Look out for more tips next week.


Hi i have a macro (below) which does exactly what i need it to do.  Whenever i change a figure in any box on the tab, the macro runs and hides relevant boxes that i dont want.


UK accountants struggling with their Self Assessment returns may have missed it, but during January Contextures blogger Debra Dalgleish embarked on 30-day marathon to document

I'm preparing income forecasts for a consultancy business. Our contracts are usually on a fixed fee basis and generally run for several months or even longer.