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Some clients record keeping can leave a lot to be desired at times.


hi, i would be very grateful for any suggestions to help with this problem.


Would you charge VAT on services supplied to charities? The Charities seem to believe to be exempt from VAT and demand VAT-free invoice.


Now that the dust has settled on the Companies Act 2006, does the Forum believe that Limited Companies may use single entry bookkeeping, for example a spreadsheet, rather than double entry bookkeep




Can anyone advise how a licence should be treated. It is renewable after one year. It is for checking postcodes while sales calls are being made. Can this be depreciated.


Firstly, is it still possible to turn up at Tax office with a signed 64-8 and discuss a clients affairs?


Does anyone know whether there is a trick to 'move' a selection from one column to the next?  I don't mean move the data but if I highlight a string of cells in column b I then want to highlight th


It may be a cliché at this time of year, but if people do need to watch their weight, Debra Dalgleish has a collection of spreadsheets to help them.


In our latest trans-Atlantic Excel tip, David Ringstrom shows how the LARGE and SMALL functions can take some of the drudgery out of finding high/low values in your data.