As Apple’s share price and prestige has soared, it has become even more fashionable to berate Microsoft for its lack of vision and kludgy software.


 Is there and easy way - to load Hourly wage rate for multiple hours to obtain weighted average?


My knowledge of Excel is a bit limited - I have set up a simple spreadsheet and all I need is a cell which has a formula which says if cell B1 is larger than zero multiple B1 by 17.5% but I cant ge


I have been sent a excel file where the column names are displayed as numbers as are the rows.  So the cell that would normally be B3 is displayed as R3C2, row3 column2.  I believe is called relati


I want to extract data from 12 monthly worksheets to a monthly reporting format.  I specify the month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.) in cell F2 of the reporting format.  I can extract data from the monthly


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I have been using Bridge/Waterfall charts in my reports for quite a while now.  The one I need to do now has a budget figure of, say, +£1500 and drops by steps to a negative actual of, say, £500. 




I am trying to extract data from one worksheet to another and wondered if I could get some help.



Hi I export an Excel report from Time Keeper system (Access Control).


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The wife is using Excel to compile results. 1. = poor, 2= satisfactory, 3-good etc to 6=excellent.