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In his latest tip, regular AccountingWEB.com contributor David Ringstrom shows how to speed up a common spreadsheet move.

About a year ago my excel worksheets that i have my formulas in started changing. Now i have something that looks like this =RC[-1]+RC[-2] and im not sure what that means.


Please can I get examples of cashflow forecast & p/l forecast for pubs and email them to me at kerri390@btinternet.com.



Hi folks - I know VT have taken up half the screen with instructions on how to use this feature, but I am still totally confused?


I have a forecast that I have set up in Sage 50 Forecasting with approximately 40 hotlinks (ie links to 4 workbooks which together contain 40 worksheets, broadly 1 sheet for each of the main income


This is the fourth part of our series looking at new tools for working with

On a network of say 12 computers what's the best way to stop access to websites such as facebook or adult sites.?


Hi there           We have a payroll that was in the pilot and submitted all details, including CIS suffered, via SAGE at yearend.        Client has now come back to us and advised a higher amount