Hi I export an Excel report from Time Keeper system (Access Control).


Happy Sunday evening peeps!

The wife is using Excel to compile results. 1. = poor, 2= satisfactory, 3-good etc to 6=excellent.


I have a set of whole numbers but want to format them so that (say) 1,200,000 displays as £1.2 m.  The £ sign and millions tag are no problem, but how do you format a number so it displays only the


I've just spent 3 hours manipulating several hundred lines of accounting data copied from a client's Excel spreadsheet and then spotted that all the transactions I was playing with were dated 2005


Business intelligence developer MicroStrategy is challenging the accepted wisdom that PCs and Microsoft Excel are the default tools for analysis and reporting.

The surprise announcement last week that Microsoft Business Division president Stephen Elop was leaving the company to join Nokia was just the sort of bad news that Microsoft doesn’t need at the mo

I have client data exported from Iris into Excel.

I want to send a batch email to all those clients whose year ends we have not yet done.



I have a question I have been googling for weeks now.