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Financial reporting

I appreciate that this subject has probably been discussed ad nauseam but I continue to be inundated with letters from HMRC for every client, threatening all sorts of fines for paper Returns all su

Company A borrows unconnected Company B a sum of money to purchase and develop land.



dear All


kindly Advice on below


I know it is not the norm but in the circumstances, to protect one third of my annual income which is derived from this client, I filed the accounts with differences.


My first client is staging for auto enrolment on the 1 February 2016. I wrote to the client a couple of months ago about this but have not had feedback about what their plans are.


Could anyone help with a stock accounting cut-off error we're having please.

Client is an internet company buying large amounts of stock and then selling them online.


Just a quickie folks.

Do you show advertising costs to your move etc as a direct cost or within marketing in admin costs.


QB2016 has been released and there is a change in terms ,  in short subject to a few provisos you now rent the desktop software rather than buy it ,more income presumably.


I am carrying out a share valuation on a private Ltd company that has been trading for a number of years.