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Financial reporting

Replacement of double glazing, soundproofing,replacement flat roof(current flat roof leaking),replacement of fire alarm(current only 3 years old), replacement of showers and sanitary ware, replacem


Now it is being collected with self assessment tax will it be collected, with the tax and Class, half yearly at 31 January and 31 July?

We have an unincorporated charity that has setup a CIO to take over the assets and running of the charity and I just want to check the Financial Reporting surrounding this.


Do I need to state anywhere, I've as a benefit in kind or on ct return if the overdrawn directors loan is under the 10k threshold.


My Client, a sole director, has wound up his company and gone back to the rat race.


...IFRS requires that a finance lease be capitalised at the lower of:

(a) the fair value of the asset or;

(b) the present value of the minimum lease payments


Hi everyone,

My client is a CIC and the company is ceasing its community based activities. There are no assets or liabilities.


We have to report financial statements in a different way soon.  FRS 102/105.  Most of my clients will be micro entities but there will be a need to report more substantial financial statements und


I have a client who I had advised last year was taking too much out of the limited company account, and should refrain from this practice.  He has said its his wife (who is not a shareholder, there