Financial reporting

We use Sage50 Accounts for our purchase ledger, and a separate (bespoke/built in-house) sales ledger which isn't compatible to integrate w/ Sage.  


The UK government machinery is gearing up to bring the new European Accounting Directive into UK law by the beginning of 2016.


I am preparing the accounts for a company that shares two of its fixed assets with another company.


I have been working in Property Management for close to 8 years now.  In that time I have become quite familiar with not just the day to day accounting and financial reporting but also the various

I was asked by a client to perform a due diligence check on a very successful firm of solicitors that have many accreditations to their name.



I am working with a company within the building industry (Company A).   This company also has a 50% stake in a very similar company in a neighbouring geographical area (Company B).


The number of audit firms in the UK and Ireland declined again in 2013, although at a slower rate than previous years,

Good afternoon,

I have a potential new client approach me and I wanted to obtain your opinions!




I've been asked to prepare management accounts and accounts for annual filing for a company with the following set up....

Company A - sell products and deals with admin




I need to build a Project Actual vs Budget report. For some reason I thought it would be fairly easy.