Financial reporting

A client wants to set up a number of companies, the proposed structure would result in the "top" company (company A) owning 49% of a another company (company B) and the other 51% being owned by a n


Ok I have a scenario. We have an employed individual as an engineer. He starts work on 01 september 2014. Prior to this, he incurs expenditure on tools, say 6 years ago on 01 sep 2008.

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A client has asked if he can pay his son's school fees through his LTD, as a company donation.


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Difficult question here I believe.

I am a private limited company and would like to loan a certain amount of money to a private limited company.

We are both I.T related companies.


A company  is sold using share for share exchange. Within the company are intangibles worth £400k.


We are a company based in the UK but we need to register for VAT in Romania. To date I have been unable to find how or where to register for Romanian VAT.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for some guidance on how to account for trees please?

Some will be fruiting and some will be planted to improve the landscape.


I work for a relatively small Public Accounting Firm in California, USA - I actually telecommute from my home in New York.  I have an opportunity to move to the UK as my wife is there, and my Firm