Financial reporting

Banks are increasingly offering a "Loyalty Reward" (or similar words) to be credited to business accounts (probably as a sop for their increased charges).



Will appreciate if someone help me. please

What is Flat rate Vat rate for CAR WASH  business


We have taken on a new client that is a small motor garage.  They have only been established a few years and at the outset they took out hire agreements for the bulk of the necessary equipment.


Just spoke to sage about my ongoing issue with payments on account for VAT when using various computer software (Xero fro eg).



totally off topic - but interesting...


My Catering client is delivering cold food to a customer  (prepared at my client's premises) on a regular weekly basis.  My client's customer receives and lays out the food.


The accounts of the UK’s largest public companies are generally of a high standard, but there is still a high proportion of poorer-quality corporate reports produced by smaller listed and AIM-q


Client has a Ltd business set up original for the purposes of building a number of luxury homes, all of the properties have been sold bar i which remains on the balance sheet.


Can anyone suggest a suitable bonus scheme to reward a senior manager within an accountancy practice?

Thoughts and advice welcome