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Financial reporting

Limited Company Accounts for a Management Company of a residential block. 20 members / shareholders, 2 of which appointed as Directors of the company.


Situation: A bank has lent around £6million to a group of investors who have built a large commercial property.


I must say I often feel that some of the comments around sacking clients are a tad harsh on

here, and do not ever think I would be as harsh. 

Today I finally snapped.



In Sage Line 50, I have a custom remittance advice designed and used before in Sage Instant Accounts.

Hi all

Im looking at a client in Jersey and they are purchasing a building through a newly formed SPV. Ho do Jersey companies claim CA's?

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Hi everyone,
Wondering if someone more experienced can help advise on what I'm supposed to do in the following situation:


Hello all.

I'm new to accounting web, so hello to everyone.


Is a business bank account compulsory for all businesses or can someone use their personal account?