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Financial reporting

A sports club in the UK is sponsored by a company from outside the EU.


Hope you can help. It's my first time posting on any site. I'm joint owner of a Limited company, I'm co secretary my husband is director, both 50% shareholders in the UK.


Steve Collings examines the ramifications of the new accounting standard, called IFRS 16, and explains what these changes mean.


I have a potential new client and just wanted to double check my thought process on this.

I had a client who had just finished his second years trading and we filed his accounts very quickly with Co House to improve his credit rating.


I thought it could be really useful to everyone involved in AE if we could all share our experiences and known glitches, so I will start the ball rolling.


I've always thought it strange that the minimum disclosure only wants directors' advances in credits if the directors' current accounts are overdrawn but I've followed the minimum rules regardless.


hi I am working out which is better.

Employee is in the tax band of 40%. the allowance is he easy part I have worked out the take home salary would be.