Financial reporting

how would u let the public know they are being deceived and ripped off by unqualified accounting clerks passing off as chartered accountants ?


Just gassing them is out the question.  Are there any ways to remove the scourge of the pubLlc sector worker.  (Parasites)


R those incompressible cases fraud committed by judges dressed up as judicial decision making ?


I have a client who has recently migrated to a product that I'm told is called Interprise, this software doesn't produce aged debtors nor aged creditors.


can a dormant company make an employer pension contribution?



I have found a report in Sage called Nominal Record Values which could potentially provide really useful information for producing management accounts quickly and easily.


Now that company information is to be free, do we need Companies House Direct any more ?

Maybe worth it just for the Monitor Service ?   I haven't decided yet ................

My client (a one man band Ltd Co) operated his own payroll until this month when I took over.

He had filed all his previous FPS's on time each month, no problem there.


I am running Sage Instant Account V10.