Excel 2007 - A developer's view. By John Stokdyk | AccountingWEB

Excel 2007 - A developer's view. By John Stokdyk

As product manager for the APS Advance practice management suite, Jim Bolleboom has been using beta versions of Microsoft Office 2007 for several months. At the company's recent UK user conference in Northamptonshire, he put forward his own contributions to the Excel 2007 debate.

"There are heaps of new stuff in Excel and Office 2007, some of which are important for business intelligence," he said.

First, however, there was the interface issue. "It took me a while to get used to the new menu 'ribbon', but now I am, I really like it.


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OK but

listerramjet | | Permalink

still can't work out why they did this. IMO it opens the door for their competitors. If you have got to spend all that money in upgrade and training, then makes sense to evaluate the alternatives!