Management reporting in Sage: what are the options now?

The demise of Sage Intelligent Reporting presents a problem for Sage 50 users who want enhanced query and reporting facilities. David Carter looks at the remaining players and adds a new one to the list, BVXL.

Sage promised great improvements in management reporting from its Intelligent Reporter product, but last month stopped all further development.


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Sage reports

nigelreese | | Permalink

Of course the simplest solution is to ditch Sage 50 because it is not fit for purpose.
Who else but Sage would try and sell in 2008 an accounting package that can not
* print a P&L account showing months across the page.
* Drill down
* Hide pence

I would recommend QuickBooks or MYOB over Sage 50 to anyone.

You can have any format you want with pivot tables

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

That was a good overview of the options, however, one of the limitations on the use of pivot tables for Management Accounts, need not be so.

In my Accountingweb article:

Do your management accounts take weeks, days, hours, minutes…or seconds to prepare?

I outline a robust approach to using the power of pivot tables to populate any reporting layout you want.

Glen John Feechan BA Hon. ACA
Not Just Numbers Ezine
Workshop - Advanced Management Reporting in Microsoft Excel

Alchemex for Sage-50 in Excel is alive and well

midtown | | Permalink

The Sage-50 reference to Alchemex above is not correct. It is not based on Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis services technology although integrates seemlesly with both. It does ship with boxed reports, neatly presented for Sage-50 v 11 and later in Excel, with auto connectors to Sage 50 data.

It is interesting to note at a time when Alchemex is about to launch its offering to Sage-50 users in the UK that 10 000 customers of a Southern Hemishpere Sage subsidiary can't be wrong in selecting and benefitting from Integrated Business Intelligence designed and developed for the SME market.

BI for SME's delivered in Excel and automated to serve data integrity and counter "loose Excel spreadsheet use" is here to stay.

Go to and select the software menu item to see boxed solutions for various install bases, alternatively go to

for more details on Alchemex for Sage-50.

to discuss further call Charles on +27 83 788 0444, or e-mail on

and M$ Access .....?

Anonymous | | Permalink

Interesting, but why is it that we have ignored the capabilities of M$ Access (or SQL Server Express-free!)

  •  far greater power
  • more manageable code & process
  • more defined code auditing - less prone to errors
  • defined risk assessment
  • built in reporting engine
  • built in exports or copy/paste
  • direct ODBC links to Sage - by using 'link' a simple re-attach will switch Sage Db's
  • potentially distributable in unchangeable form (i.e. users cannot make amendments) without the whole performance of locking cells etc

Access seems to be huge blind spot within Aweb and is invariably overlooked in favour of Excel - even to the extent of using convoluted Excel processes when a single SQL statement in Access could achieve the same results in a far simpler and cleaner way

The upshot of this is that Aweb are not providing a balanced view and are overtly biased towards Excel in all circumstances even when in-appropriate

Come to think of it this would be an ideal opportunity to run Master Classes on M$ Access and its potential use with Sage etc