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Video - Gordon Brown: 'No more Whitehall gentleman's club'

Gordon Brown held a press conference yesterday in which he laid out plans for reforming the MP expenses system.

He said that while there is an urgent need to 'restore parliamentar


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And the corruption rumbles on - Letter in the Telegraph ....

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SIR – I tried to create a petition on the Number 10 website requesting that the Prime Minister ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament. They have refused to put it online on the grounds that it is "outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government".

Perhaps they should seek constitutional advice.

And - High Court action to block the disclosure ...

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Just to recap

Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker, instigated a High Court action to block the disclosure of MP expenses. In January 2005, journalist Heather Brooke made a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the release of details of MPs' expenses claims. Whilst the request was allowed by an Information Tribunal, the House of Commons Authorities challenged the decision, as per the 2000 Act, on the grounds that it was "unlawfully intrusive".

And the cost of this exercise was > £100,000 - once again funded by the Taxpayer

With this in mind Mr Martin should be asked to repay the costs and questionned by the CPS over the real reasons for blocking disclosure and assisting MP to make fraudulent expense claims

Should Mr Martin be awarded a peerage for all this

new speaker

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And now I hear they're getting a new speaker.

Have they learned nothing? Surely they've spent enough on electrical equipment...