Financial reporting

Can any one advise me how I  go about converting directors loan accounts to shareholders capital account. 


Thank you for all your help but Tosie has made the point that I shouldn't have posted, even though I did not reveal specifics about any client I am now concerned about comeback on myself.


Hello everyone.


Is it possible to submit accounts with only 1 director's approval? (Ltd co with 2 directors, equal shareholding).


I have a query - thanks in advance for your help.

Investment income for the year 9k, of that 9k only 4k of it has been received in the bank account.


Hi all - a quick question if I may:


Client is due to receive a SWAP claim shortly made up of the following:

i)                    Monthly hedging premiums paid

We have come in to the office today as we have 350 returns to do, hoping that the Government Gateway would be much quieter on a Saturday and therefore quicker and the problems of yesterday have cle


Calling any FRS26 experts!! I'm trying to get my head around the requirements of the standard - specifically its treatment for loans.

I am preparing a parent company's individual financial statements in GBP and under IFRS, and am unsure how to treat a newly acquired subsidiary with functional currency USD.  My instinct is that an