Financial reporting

On 15 July the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB)


A client is in their first year.  Their annual sales will not exceed the £150,000 limit by more than £15,000.  Their first year in the scheme ends on 30 September 2014. 


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Running a payroll for a client who needs figures urgently (don't they always!) and am trawling HMRC site for info but not having much luck.

I have recently taken over the accounts with a client who has an o/s item on his balance sheet I complete the entries between the Goodwill and directors account but where shold it appear on the p/l


A firm of solicitors has approached me to ask whether I would like to prepare their accounts. Are there any rules to be aware of? Aware of the client money being kept separate.


Here are some examples that have been sent to me:

The new nation will be Europe not Britain - we will be forced to accept EU citizenship!

Borders will be meaningless


Just a speculative question - as I am sure you all receive on incorporating a new company, we are instantly bombarded with leaflets of people advertising their accountancy services, these are often


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Just wondering what the consensus was:


Dear member,

Can anyone tell me the approximate professional fee for Inheritance Tax works or the best approach to estimate the fee for such works?