Financial reporting

Thousands of small charities in England and Wales will no longer be required to get an annual audit after an income threshold increase.


Company A has an investment in a subsidiary, B Ltd, stated at cost of £100 in its accounts. B Ltd has net assets of £500,000.


I have a client who sold his property recently. However in the past he had not submitted any tax returns or property rental accounts relating to this property.


I took over client recently who was working under CIS in 2014. That was simple to deal with. However they wont release his refund as his 2013 is outstanding.


I understand that non accountants don't understand accounting/taxation or really what our jobs entail, and that's fine ! If they did, we'd be out of a job. 


Good Afternoon,


If I have a contract for delivering a service that may incur exit/redundancy costs at the end of it under ias18 is it correct to recognise revenue (leading to profit) in the early years of the cont


I'm doing some incomplete records accounts and I need to prove the trade debtors and creditors figures.