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Financial reporting

Here's one for you: city council are asking contractors (visitors) for their personal tax info (!) to acertain if they are employed by the establishment or not.


Hi All,

I have been approached by a client who wants to register a limited company with 2 directors / shareholders.


Hi  We offer a t-shirt to all our employees with the company name and logo on.  These t-shirts are offered to employees when they join us, but wearing them at work is a choice. We are a company of


A self employed sole trader client refuses to provide bank statements.  This isn't a case of them forgetting or saying they will send them and not doing; the client has been asked to provide bank s


I have a client who was employed April - July 2015, he then registered self employed (CIS) but worked for the same contractor Aug 2015 - April 2016.


We are selling part A to a supplier who will then use it to make part B (a combination of part A and other parts). We will then buy part B back from the supplier and sell it to our customers.


The introduction of FRS 102 ‘The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland’ has resulted in some questions being asked by accountants concerning some of the acco


Is  Chief Moderator a member of AWEB staff or some clever dick , if he is the latter would it not be wise to change his handle?


How would I report the following situation to HMRC?


I attended an AGM as a life member eligible to vote yesterday.