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I started business as a sole trader on 1st March 2015. This means my year end is 28 Feb 2016.


This is a three part question. The first and third parts are very easy but the second part is very involved. Here goes:


Why some accountant does not took the effect of deffered tax due to temporary difference in accounts.

Is there any exemption, if not then no one can check that.


I was contacted today by a 94 year old who has already lost over £400,000 in a wine scam, where the participants have been appropriately penalised under UK law.


Does anybody have GP as client?


Where can I find a proper breakdown of how all the taxes and NIC are spent? I know there is a breakdown for income tax, but I'm interested in all taxes and how they are spent.


One of my clients had a profit in y/e Dec '13. They had 40k of QCD's and 100k of interest in '13 and we're going back and doing a R&D claim that's going to send them into a trade loss position: