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Financial reporting

We have quite a few clients who pay staff a net salary which we then gross up. I have tried to get them to move to gross payments previously but they are reluctant to change.


If company A has a significant intercompany loan from company B, which is effectively funding company A's activities, does that give company B the right to exercise dominant influence in accordance



PIM3210 Furnished Lettings: Wear and Tear allowance: Calculation - 2011/12 onwards


We've paid a security deposit to an energy company £4,000.00 and wont get it back for a year - which nominal should I use for the chart of accounts?

thank you


I've taken on a new client who was not very happy with the previous accountant.



Last year we moved our software to remote desktop.  This works fine apart from 1 or 2 pieces of software don't like the remote environment!


We don't use Microsoft exchange.


Can anyone tell me if EU goods sales and services/goods purchases should be treated on an accruals basis even if the business in on a cash accounting scheme?


Cambridgeshire County Council has paid an additional £35,000 to its auditor, PwC after the accounting firm spotted an error of  about £150m in the council’s record of its fixed assets.

Our firm (small, two director practise) needs a part-time book keeper to do VAT returns via Sage/excel, payroll and Annual Returns - any members recommend a way of finding a one, i.e.


I have recently formed  a few companies in January for some new start ups I have been working with.