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Financial reporting

Is a business bank account compulsory for all businesses or can someone use their personal account?


Afternoon all


I have a client who has surplus cash in his company bank account.


FRS 102 has now kicked in for accounting periods commencing on or after 1 January 2015 and will apply to small companies on or after 1 January 2016 with earlier adoption permissible.


I am looking at a company and their annual return. In it it states that they have 'B' ords paid number alloted 176638 and the amount paid per share in GBP is 8792.168729.


I worked for a recruitment agency last year for 7 months and was asked to set up a limited company to do so. It only turned over £9600 and has now ceased trading.


I'm a bit rusty on Intercompany trading, but need to know how to deal with the scenario below:


Has anybody had an email from '' asking you to download file regarding unreported income(Fraud).


If a company has a debt, say £100k,  that it will capitalise for shares, what are the tax differences (if any) if the issue is 100,000 new £1 shares or a single £1 share with prem


Not sure if this has been posted yet (sorry if it has), but a maths riddle is doing the rounds and causing a huge debate.

Solve the following equation.


Have fun.