Financial reporting

With the mandatorily effective date of accounting periods commencing on or after 1 January 2015 fast approaching, Steve Collings considers some of the most common


I have always thought that vehicle advertising is by far the best pound for pound marketing you can do.


Likely cost? Any recommendations which are the best agents to form an unlimited company?


I am trying to find out who the shareholders are of an LLC registered in California, is it possible? Do they have a Companies House equivalent?


Has anyone else come across a firm in the Southampton area advertising themselves with the tag line "Kick Ass Accountants", it's worth a look at the website although the firms name escapes me as I'


A client has formed a Ltd company for the purposes of acquiring a single commercial property (on lease) to rent out.

My questions are:-


The International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) has changed its mind about a draft new rule for lease accounting, putting it at odds with its US counterpart.

Just seen the latest Iris demo of Kashflow, which they now own of course.  Looks to be all singing all dancing (if required) yet simple to use at the same time; also some useful graphs which non-ac



We are group company with one subsidiary. i wish to inquire whether do we need to get our accounts audited.




Just wanted to the following. Sorry if it sounds sound naive but i'm not an accountant.