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Financial reporting

A company run by 2 directors who are both the shareholders (H&W) make a one off pension contribution in the year which is material and so checking to see how it should be best


Financial reporting is soon to undergo the largest overhaul of its kind in the last 40 years with the disbanding of FRSs/SSAPs and UITF Abstracts and the replaceme


I would like to submit 2 very simple partnership returns.


Does anyone know where I can find the requirement to disclose directors interests in group/parent company.


I am working as an independent management consultant via a limited company. My project work takes place both in EU and non-EU countries.


I have a new client just come and see me, he had a company which he traded for a few years made decent money paid all the taxes and it had no debts etc. He then took a Directorship on PAYE.


Ex-trade minister and former chairman of HSBC bank Lord Green is a candidate to become the next chairman of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).

Hi there,

What are the best methods for me to invest start-up money from my parent company into a new wholly-owned subsidiary?


I registered a limited company. As I forgot file an annual return I am being fined £375. I company won't be trading for a few more months, and I have been advised to complete a form AA02.