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Can any one explain how to prepare annual accounts for a TOMS registered company. I mean how we are going treat Sale and Purchases in annual accounts.


Hello friends,

When i am trying to upload online filing in company house there is an error  which is as follow.

Error Code: 8023

Error Message : EF document not found.


Still looking for inspiration to get my website up as its now my No 1 task for 2014. I have resorted to googling other accountants to see what I like.


Hi I have an employee who has just started an attachment of earnings order and we have started to take deductions from the salary.


Does anyone have any recommendations on companies providing childcare voucher schemes for SME's?.


We have a client who is resigning as a director from a company where he has a £25,000 over drawn loan account, the loan has been created this accounting year and no Section 455 has been paid (not y


... or is the main blog page not working?


A volunteer-run community pub/restaurant business (limited by guarantee) issues volunteer-incentive vouchers for a number of hours worked.  The vouchers can only be redeemed by the recipient agains


Hi , can someone please advise me , I have applied for my practising license , can I register as an agent with hmrc to act in behalf of clients or will I need to wait until I get my practicing lice


I'm building a lexicon of key HMRC jargon - help!

In tax investigations and accountancy much of the language is impenetrable and / or misleading to the person in the street.