Financial reporting

I work at a Uni and am resposnisible for organising the quarterly forecasts. Up to now we have used Excel but i'm looking at a full review of how we do our forecasts.

Hi all
I have not dealt with a prior year adjustment before.


Restricted or unrestricted ?

Charity receives income from service level agreement on Project X in return for charity employees working on Project X

Restricted surely ?


FRSSE 2007 para 9.3 talks of disclosure of circumstances affecting the tax charge in future periods .

Is this what they are referring to


How can I extract departmental reports from sage for each month so I can prepare a detailed management report in excel.


For example, client pays £10k rent and recharges an associated company sub-tenant £3k. Which of the following would you do?

Rental Income £3,000

Rent cost £10,000



I have a client with a Scottish Limited Partnership (SLP). Does anyone know if there is a standard format I can use for preparing the accs?

One of my clients is about to form a Limited Liability Partnership with one other individual. The affairs will be very straightforward.


A new study conducted by CFO Research Services and the ACCA has revealed that CFOs are receiving more support from the boardroom than ever before.

A Financial Reporting Council review panel has found that 22 of 30 large companies analysed have improved the impairment disclosures in their financial statements.