Financial reporting

I have a client who has changed their year end from August to November.  They use Sage accounts v11. 


A property management company / letting agents which simply acts on behalf of landlords and doesnt own any property itself is preparing accounts under the FRSSE.  In all ways it is exactly the same


A client company (A) owns an asset with a book value of £93k, which was developed and built in house in late 2009.  The  book value amounts to the costs incurred in constructing the asset.


Can the members requesting an audit under s476 be required to pay for same as company cannot afford it? 1 malicious shareholder has convinced 2 others to demand audit (13% between them)


Former Labour MP Jim Devine has been found guilty of making false expenses claims worth £8,385 for printing and cleaning work at his London flat.

On 31 January 2011, the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) and the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) published a discussion paper “Considering the Effects of Accounting Standar

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I have an important question regarding recently submitted/filed accounts that contain an incorrect turnover figure.  


Two accountants have been banned by the ICAEW for violating its requirements for registered auditors.


I am preparing the consolidated accounts for a UK group with a 40% holding of a UK limited company over which there is dominant influence.