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Financial reporting

I have a new client, an Industrial and Prov society.


Like many Awebbers I am a one man band.

I just wondered how you other guys got around holidays.

Mrs G has managed to get 3 weeks of the summer holidays off and is expecting


A Company is planning to start a property business. They want to buy and sell  property after renovating it. The profit they are going to make will it be subject to capital gain tax.



To cut a very long story short, we have taken over from the previous accountants who were involved in a poorly effected share for share exchange to incorporate a holding company into the structure.


The Financial Reporting Council has said that it will inve

Hi All, 

I am currently self employed and have one one rental property. This year I have to complete my self assessment to process my tax. 


Now, no-one likes to admit they're wrong, and especially not accountants when it comes to figures. 


Could someone kindly point me in the right direction, either FRC auditing guidelines, or Companies Act, for where if at all, it is stipulated what the rights of an Auditor of a private Ltd company