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Financial reporting


I have limited by guarantee company for good deeds, which has only two transactions in the financial year upto March, 2013 (Since its inception to till date)


There's no Accountex it would seem until May 2014, but some of the end user focussed accounting sw firms  will be at Olympia 28th to 29th for The Business Show.

We are a marketing company and get paid to send emails on our clients behalf.


Need advices please to ensure I am doing the right thing!

Can someone please tell me what forms I need from Companies House and HMRC for Authorising Agent to act on behalf of my client.


I'm looking to purchase an accounting package for my company to prepare accounts for clients.  


I have just spotted ST commenting on the Times website ..... good to see!

any other sightings?


Many companies in the UK choose to apply the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (FRSSE) in preparing their financial statements, explai


You will be relieved to know that I am not involved in the stat accounts or corp tax of the company concerned.


My client is a closed company with two directors with over 40% each of the the shares. There is also a shareholder who has 7% of the shares so has material interest.