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Financial reporting


Can anyone recommend some Company Secretarial software for accountants in practice?




interested in the CGT calcs basis for

a] those who took the cash and sold the verizon shares for cash.  


Received a letter from HMRC yesterday stating we'll soon be receiving a survey via phone on Our opinions on how things are run.


I have taken over the accounts for a limited company who are building a specialist software. All their work is done on their laptops.


A former work colleague of mine in London is starting up her own housing association and has a leasehold property from an estate agent that she will use as her first location to house homeless peop


The UK’s biggest energy companies have been told to produce clearer accounts and audits to show how they sell power to independent suppliers, or face fines.

My freelance IT consultant ceased trading in May 2013. Now wishes to close down the company as soon as practical.

The company is solvent and has a year end of March 2014.


I need to calculate deferred tax in a set of completion accounts wherby the shares of the company have been sold.