Financial reporting

A Limited Company has paid a dividend to a shareholder (which happens to be a partnership, but I dont think that is relevant).  This has been board minuted but should the Company also provide a div


Audit firms with academies as their clients will be turning their attention to the 2013 audits and undoubtedly digesting the content of the latest

One of my colleagues has just received an e:mail (not addressed to the e:mail address) but the part of the address is correct, from the Webfiling e-mail address of Companies House.


I have a client who is an IFA working through an umbrella set up. He has to pay £1000 per month to the umbrella set up for his admin support etc


If a director pays INTO a Directors Loan account, can they charge interest on this loan and if so, how is that rate calculated?


A while ago I became a fully qualified accounting technician with the AAT. I was wonder, since I have been unable to find employment in this area so far, what do I need to keep an eye out for?


Finance bosses at the UK’s largest companies have claimed that they don’t understand the Competition Commission’s (CC) mandatory audit tendering proposals to refor

Some significant reforms have been put forward in a recent BIS consultation document on corporate transparency.


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has come up against the Competition Commission’s proposals for five-year audit re-tendering, claiming it would be