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A Client (Limited Company) owns a freehold commercial property. During the year they granted a 10 year lease to a new tenant for an upfornt premium of £150K + annual rental of £25K (market rate).


SSAP 19 states that investment properties should be stated at market value but is this always necessary given the cost of a valuation ?


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This is a special thanks to all who responded to my discussion last month 'Financial Management Analysis & Reporting - Do you use Excel?'.

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Suppose company supplied $1000 loan for 3 year to its subsidiary. Total amount of interest company will receive is $300, i.e. $100 per year.

We spend 5k on a roof repair. I'm thinking as this is clearly a repair to the existing roof (it was leaking), there is no way we could call this capital and must write it off.


Been to see a client today and his Sage project costing has gone "funny"

I have splashed out £1 each and downloaded a couple of small companies' Abbreviated Accounts from Companies House website. They show only Abbreviated Balance Sheets.


ICAEW executive director Robert Hodgkinson speaks to Gina Dyer ahead of an international debate about whether financial reporting is part of the problem, or indeed the solution to financial sta


I successfully registered a new company today online. In the Regt Office address (for street name) - I spelt Woolwich as Woolich.

1. Does it matter?

2. If yes how do I correct it?


A new client has approached me to prepare her first years statements for the flat management company of which she is a director.