Financial reporting

The Ministry of Defence has been criticised by MPs for poor asset management that means it has effectively lost more than £6bn worth of equipment, reports


I would really appreciate your opinions on how best to proceed.

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) welcomed 13 new members to its Financial Reporting Review Panel (FRRP) at the beginning of June.

Two years ago we had a customer pay deposits against a machine being manufactured in the UK.


A client runs a secure VPN system which utilizes software tokens.  They buy perpetual licenses and then charge their clients for access to the system.  The charge is about twice the cost of the tok


For reasons I won't bore you charity audit client wants to put trading name (say "Billy Blogs") at the top of each page in the accounts rather than the CH registered name ABC Ltd (they do not want


If a partnership who's goodwill was created over the last 15 years and hence prior to 2002 were to dispose of the goodwill to a newly formed Ltd Co should the goodwill transferred be amortised in t

With the advent of iXBRL, we've been exploring the possibility of running risk assessments and detailed compliance checks on accounts before they get submitted to HMRC alongside the CT600 form.


The problem with financial reporting, particularly for smaller practitioners, is the sheer size of the burden, explains Steve Collings.

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I am employed by an SME, a Scottish registered, Ltd trading co - I'm not a director or shareholder.  The co does not require an audit.