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Financial reporting

Can anyone tell me if EU goods sales and services/goods purchases should be treated on an accruals basis even if the business in on a cash accounting scheme?


Cambridgeshire County Council has paid an additional £35,000 to its auditor, PwC after the accounting firm spotted an error of  about £150m in the council’s record of its fixed assets.

Our firm (small, two director practise) needs a part-time book keeper to do VAT returns via Sage/excel, payroll and Annual Returns - any members recommend a way of finding a one, i.e.


I have recently formed  a few companies in January for some new start ups I have been working with.


My client is a contractor, working on two or three sites at a time in the North East and North West. This involves a lot of travelling and staying away from home for much of the week.


Can anyone explain the tax rate between 120,000-100,000 I know it is 40 % higher rate band but in between these amounts personal allowances is reduce by Pound1 for 2 pounds .


The previous accountant has pooled the income of a FHL together with profits from 5 rental properties.


Can you prepare an account for a client just on verbal instruction? For example he says this much is my business expanses but I don’t have the invoice or receipts.