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Financial reporting

The Corporation tax as per HMRC website is as follows:


What are the entries in the accounts for the release of an unpaid directors loan


Employment intermediaries now have to send quarterly reports to HMRC giving details of all agency workers they supply to clients where they don’t operate PAYE on workers’ payments. 

The Chancellor announced a 7.5%/ £5000.00 allowance to receive dividends per person at basic rate. He claimed it would be Neutral at £43,000 how will the tax work?


We have 2 Offices one in the UK and the other in Hong Kong, the owner of the company wants to have all his shares in the UK side transferred to the Hong Kong MD and not give any to the UK MD, is th


We want a hot file review of the work done for an audit report that goes on an HMRC form.

how do i handle google adwords payments in sage one and if i add the net invoice amount each month to my sales total, wont that amount count towards my turnover and therefore taxable profits?


Does anyone have any experience of  It has been suggested by the staff of a small business that I am talking with.