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Do I need to put I aside a percentage of dividends I received for my personal tax bill due in January or can I pay this from funds in my ltd company bank account?


Hi can people please advise on any products they have used and recommendations ?


Hi all,

I use an online portal from an accountancy services to enter all my transactions from my business bank account.


Logisitic self employed trade plate  driver, away from home 4- 5 days a week for up to 14-16 hours per day. How much  standard subsistence allowance per day may be claimed. Is it £10 or £15 ? 

Hi, I just wonder what to do with voucher selling by my company. Customer pays cash for voucher but payzone takes money from bank account as transaction.

this site is being run for the benefit of the staff of Sift Media. They are so far up their backsides it is a wonder if you can get your question posted on their site.


What is the so called "special relationship" worth if Obuma says we will be at the back of the queue negotiating a new trade relationship?


What is the best structure of limited company with husband owning 100% of shares and working as a contractor - sole source of family income (around £80k)?


How are your FRS102 charity formats doing?

We use CCH, and they have been terrible.

The formats seems full of bugs, which have caused us major problems with client deadlines.