Financial reporting

Client company reimburses employee lunches to places like McDonalds and Miss Milli's Chicken Shop.

FRS 102 becomes mandatory for accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2015. Steve Collings considers accounting for grants under the new GAAP.

I'm ATT EA CTA IIT (Dip) and looking to increase my knowledge on the topic of valuing companies.


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A quick question looking to gauge others opinions.


I have a CCJ obtained against a not very nice person who owes me some money.

Whilst he is going around telling everyone who will listen that I am the bad guy for taking him


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I'll be calling technical help later to discuss but in the meantime wondered what thoughts were here.


Can any one advise me how I  go about converting directors loan accounts to shareholders capital account. 


Thank you for all your help but Tosie has made the point that I shouldn't have posted, even though I did not reveal specifics about any client I am now concerned about comeback on myself.


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Is it possible to submit accounts with only 1 director's approval? (Ltd co with 2 directors, equal shareholding).


I have a query - thanks in advance for your help.

Investment income for the year 9k, of that 9k only 4k of it has been received in the bank account.