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I have a client who was mis-sold a loan swap for a large venture they entered into as a sole trader five years ago.


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The Catholic Church’s accounts will “for the first time in history” be “comprehensive and financially accurate” and adhere to modern accounting methods, 


I have a client who had the unfortunate misfortune to be visited by the new Sheriff's in town "the record inspection unit".


This question relates to the same audit clients as for my last question (covering going concern).

Within the small group in question, the following inter company balances arise:


We sell software and some of our customers are based in India.  We have not yet succeeded in obtaining a PAN number and witholding tax is usually levied by the at 20%.  We have recently been asked


one of our staff is moving to France - she's very good at selling so we'd like to keep her on the payroll and sell to our Gallic friends.

A letter has been received from a solicitor chasing the balance of an outstanding invoice plus interest from over 6 years ago, threatening court action if it is not paid within 7 days.


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I am wondering if anybody can recommend any good reading material on 'Property Taxes' either text book or e-book?

Thanks in advance.