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When I find errors in previous years data(say insurance payment was recorded twice on sage and never corrected)  and make adjustments to previous years and date them 1st of the following year - do


I am the director of a small property company.


A new international accounting standard will require banks to set aside more money to protect against potential losses from customers who can’t repay loans.

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I need some help on double taxation.



We use Sage Instant Accounts and changed to an accountant who uses QuickBooks two years ago so has been unable to advise on the issues surrounding Sage.



for example Company is called TripleX Ltd trading as X & Co


Financial Reporting Council (FRC) heads told the Lords Economic Affairs Committee that it has proposed a draft of two of Lord Sharman's three proposals on going concern. 

I am concerned about a group of 11 property development companies. In terms of marketing, they are all presented as part of a single brand. They all do much the same thing - i.e.



My background is I am 39 years old and non-British. I have Functional skills Level 1 in English and Level 2 in Maths at the moment and no degrees.


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Which commercial software would you recommend for SA800 online submissions?

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