Financial reporting

In terms of disclosing the Ultimate Controlling Party (UCP) disclosures in the notes begin with "The smallest and largest undertaking for which the company is a member and for which group financial


Does anyone know the disclosure requirement for investment properties as in do you include it as part of tangible fixed assets within the notes to the financial statements or do you disclose separa


Not a question but wanted to say that I am currently testing Moneysoft Payroll Manager software as we are looking to move over to them from 14/15.


We have a Ltd and we have a business plan which calls for losses for a few years, which will lead to negative "Retained Profits" so that we will have a negative equity for "some" years.


With so much change taking place in financial reporting as the UK negotiates the transition to a new regime for small/medium and micro companies, Stev


Understand that auditors are prohibited from acting as liquidator to the same company but does anyone know if there is any legislation preventing the same accountant as acting as liquidator to the