Financial reporting

New client comes in and has not submitted vat returns and self assessments for last 6 years. Hmrc are aware. He wants to get everything up to date. What ML implications are there if any?


Tesco overstated it profits by £250m after


In a scenario where a company owns an apartment building and the company derives all of it's income from rental of those apartments but simultaneously the company considers the building as an inves


One of the shareholder currently holding 33 shares of £10 each paid initially £50,000 cash injection which means that his share capital value will be as follows:


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I`ve been trying for the past few weeks to get myself informed about the effects of the Onshore Employment Intermediaries Act. See here:


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A challenging query here for the experts on assets, capital allowances and sale & leaseback arrangements.

My client's record shows me that it has received more cash in bank from sales but total of its sales invoices is less than the total of cash rece



I have a client who is a tiler and works as a self employed for big companies who pay him his labour cost and for material as well as for expenses


Ok so if a company does not pay a salary to a director and never plans too. All the company will be doing is reimbursing business expenses. Mileage subsistence etc.


Just wondering what software you would recommend for ct filing with hmrc ixbrl formatting etc etc. Currently using abacus