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Can you prepare an account for a client just on verbal instruction? For example he says this much is my business expanses but I don’t have the invoice or receipts.



I have been working in the accounting profession for many years now, and most partners, supervisors that I have worked under have tried to embed in me that we sell time; now I have never fully beli


I have a credit in the payroll control ac 2220

and a debit in the suspense account of the same amount - what should I d to reconcile?


As most accountants will be aware, the small companies’ regime has been subject to rather a lot of change over the last few months due, in large part, to the transposition of the EU Accounting


did any one see this very interesting documentary - 2 things come to mind 

why not have an automatic phone call with any new trader claiming £500,000 VAT repayment then


I need advise on what type of accounts needs to submitted on companies house for the property management companies which only collect service charge income.





We are a property development company, and have been trading for a number of years.



I am owed a considerable amount of money by a client who's Abbreviated Accounts listed Tangible fixed assets to the value of £32,000 period ending 31 Jan 2014.


A client has just bought a Land Rover Discovery 4 Landmark Commercial. The windows and seating have been removed from the back of the vehicle.