Financial reporting


I use excel for my clients bookkeeping now looking for a good/economical bookkeeping software not necessarily cloud based.


Hi this year I intend to go to a few trade style shows and seminars as I wish to fine tune my practice and embrace new technologies and developments in the industry.


I am preparing a set of cessation accounts for a limited company before the company is dissolved.

Does anyone know who wrote the music HMRC play whilst you are on hold? I would love to buy a copy.


George Osborne has just cut the maximum lifetime pension saving limit from £1.25m to £1m


Company A (Owned 50:50 by husband and wife) owns 100% of the issued share capital of company B and company C, company B is solely run by the wife, and company C is solely run by the husband.


Hi There,

Our company has taken up a 15% shareholding in a company B.

I am happy with the tax treatment of the franked investment income and how this works.


I have a client who owns three limited companies.  One is a VAT registered engineering company, one is a company that owns and rents out residential property, and one is a holding company that owns


I am attempting to undertake a massive costing project for a firm where there has previously been no manufacturing costing; so no manufacturing departments or any sort of apportionment of overheads