Financial reporting

Section 33 of FRS 102 dealing with related party disclosures has been posing some headaches for early preparers.

Hello, can anyone advise where to disclose an insurance pay received on CT 600.  The claim paid out was for stolen small tools purchased in previous years (not capital items).


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my company have issued shares to employees with performance option and vesting period attached to them .


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I was wondering if anyone is aware of any groups that meet in person on either a regular or irregular basis to discuss VAT issues affecting Law Firms in particular?


I got a letter from HMRC on Saturday (15th), my client got a letter the same day.

It was dated 7th November, setting a deadline for a response of 14th November.


I apologise in advance if this is a bit of "how long is a piece of string" question.


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I am just starting out with Sage and entering Opening Balances from a client' previous annual accounts.

The O/B' =

1) £3000 capital



We have issued shares to a new director and an existing non-exec director. The documentation I have available says that they will be paid for "by way of cash bonus from the company".