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Financial reporting

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has announced that it will undertake a preliminary investigation into KPMG’s auditing of banking giant HBOS before its collapse in 2008.


 I'm trying to help a couple understand the potential incremental increases in tax they will have to pay from 2017/2018 to 2020/2021 and thereafter on the rental profit from two properties they ren


I work for a charity that has recently ran a campagin that involved giving a donation in return for 'saving' a toy. This small toy represents the charity's aim.


Hi, i am wondering if anyone can help i have generated 900 sales invoices on sage - these 900 customers will be paying the same amount every month.



The business has run Quickbooks desktop for years and it has been wonderful, but it's probably run its course and we need to move to a system which will integrate with real-time stock on the websit


My client is in the service industry training employees of companies. When supplying their service outside the EU and the client is based outside the EU vat is not charged.


Frustrated at not being able to find how to apply for the new marriage allowance without impersonating clients (and needing separate email addresses for each one), I have contacted HMRC and been to



My mind has gone blank and wondering if someone could advise.