Financial reporting



I have a client who is a tiler and works as a self employed for big companies who pay him his labour cost and for material as well as for expenses


Ok so if a company does not pay a salary to a director and never plans too. All the company will be doing is reimbursing business expenses. Mileage subsistence etc.


Just wondering what software you would recommend for ct filing with hmrc ixbrl formatting etc etc. Currently using abacus


I am newly qualified ACCA Member, and still did not find any work with any Qualified Accountancy firm to complele my post membership training to achieve my Practising certificate.


Does anyone know the treatment of goodwill on consolidation under GAAP? FRS 6 seems to suggest that Goodwill should be taken through the Restructuring reserves in balance sheet.


Afternoon, I work in education and use the accounting Software PS Financials. I do not get involved with the general inputting but run several reports which are rubbish.

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published a final version of its 


A client wants to set up a number of companies, the proposed structure would result in the "top" company (company A) owning 49% of a another company (company B) and the other 51% being owned by a n


Ok I have a scenario. We have an employed individual as an engineer. He starts work on 01 september 2014. Prior to this, he incurs expenditure on tools, say 6 years ago on 01 sep 2008.


Hi folks,

A client has asked if he can pay his son's school fees through his LTD, as a company donation.