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Financial reporting

Now that company information is to be free, do we need Companies House Direct any more ?

Maybe worth it just for the Monitor Service ?   I haven't decided yet ................


My client (a one man band Ltd Co) operated his own payroll until this month when I took over.

He had filed all his previous FPS's on time each month, no problem there.


I am running Sage Instant Account V10.

Parent company (A) loaned £50k to subsidiary company (B) to purchase plant and machinery in 2014.

B invested the whole amount in the same year.


Our client wishes to transfer trading stock from his limited company to another limited company (controlled by the same director but not a group).


I created an invoice in SAGE50 on 20/03/15 and told to hold off from posting out to the client as there were some outstanding issues. I now need to send this out today but dated 31/03/15.


I’m looking to land a job in accountancy practice but it seems virtually impossible.  I’m am only 2 months shy of my AAT level 4, which I have found at points incredibly easy so I will be looking t


Can a UK business recover US sales tax charged/paid on a conference?  The conference took place in the US so I assume that the place of supply is the US which explains the sales tax being applied.