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Hi, I am a part qualified chartered accountant, I have just got some final stage papers to clear, and I have a 4 years experience with Ernst & Young in audit and advisory and a further experien


Carrying out an audit on a company that own 100% of a subsidiary, the carrying value of which is £2 million.



I will appreciate if someone please guide me.


Husband and wife joint share holders of a Personal Service Company.


Where two separate companies are owned 100% by the same two individuals, is it possible to avail of the related party exemption under FRS 8 for transactions between those two companies?


I am the major shareholder of a Startup Ltd and I along with the other shareholder wish to loan the company the funds needed to launch.


A Small Ltd Co client of mine has been purchased by a listed Swiss Company and they were hoping to claim exemtpion from a UK audit.


In the Ftax profits worksheet I can enter R&D relief but is it against schedule 12 or 20? I am an SME

The two boxes are


The Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) executive counsel has