Financial reporting

Should the chemicals and solutions bought & used by a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company in applying their cleaning be classed as a cost sale?


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I'm working on a client and have not come across something before:


I have been looking to raise money for my business, out of the blue i have a company contact me who offers finance solutions this is part of the email (We are extending our trade finance facilities



I have got a question on group audit thresholds and shall be grateful for any assistance. The specifics of the scenario is as follows

First Year


The Consultative Committee of Accounting Bodies (CCAB) has published a new version of the statement of recommended practice for l

Can anyone tell me where/how to include accrued interest to be paid first, when the loan repayments start, all to be settled by a fixed repayment over 12 months.


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I need to contact a Mike Friar/Fryer at HMRC in their Special Civil Investigations unit in Solihull to obtain clearance for a client's proposed structure ahead of implementation.

Does anyone know if it's permissible to use ES-PASE when reporting under UK GAAP as opposed to FRSSE?