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Financial reporting

Well, apparently, it's Theresa Middleton, Director of the Making Tax Digital for Business Programme.

Here's what she says .....


A client has just disengaged with me after not agreeing with me over the way I’d calculated her turnover.


Hi All,

Hoping someone can give some guidance here!


We have a scaffolding limited company that is VAT registered.  They own all of the scaffolding and charge a fixed price to erect, hire the scaffolding and take it down.


Our current stock value is well over valued, It contains old stock that won't ever sell and slow moving stock.


The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published final changes to an accounting rule for when and how companies account for revenue from customer contracts.

First year of full trading accounts, previously dormant accounts have been prepared.



I have a limited company client that have made a lot of losses and he wants to close the company down.


Hi All

I am getting more and more self assessment clients, majority in the construction industry and I need your valuable advice.