Financial reporting

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I really need your help with this.




I am going to help my brother-in-law run his bookkeeping for him, his Accountant has passed away and the current person has not interest in small one man operation.


I have a client who owns and manages a UK company (micro entity) providing services to a separate US entity. The owners of the US entity wish to "give" my client a 30% stake in their US entity.


hello all,  I'm sure this may have been done to death but please bear with me.  It's our company's first month of pension salary sacrifice and I'm still scratching my head a little over the journal


Hi, could any body please recommend a good book for the design, implementation and management of a purchase order system within a company? Thanks in advance.


A client who is a sole director of a limited company has taken on a 6 month temporary freelance contract  because the Company's cash flow has got tight in his start up manufacturing company.


We are now starting to get clients join us who are on Xero, Kashflow and the like, and we are wondering what other accountancy firms are doing for year end accounts files and back up work to the st


A Ltd co Client has spent say £200,000on property improvements to a building that they have a ten year lease.