Financial reporting

I am currently in a Head of Finance role at a small F/S business and have six years PQE.


VAT notice 701/36 5.1.1 Supplies made to the insured party states:


Company A is creating a holding company (H) which will be issuing shares to the members of A in return for their shares in A.

I am looking for confirmation of the treatment of vans hired by a company.

2 vehicles - one 100% business, one 20% personal use by director.


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Need some urgent clarification please as internet answers giving really mixed answers on how to treat. 


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Hi My client has received a gift of 180k from his dad and invested it a property, the property is his main residence and his farther is living with him.


Hi there - I wonder if anyone can help me?

I am trying to file my first CH accounts and am struggling to find out what goes where.