Financial reporting

Looking at the 30 day rule for VAT (13 (5) vat regs 1995) and trying to interpret.  Where a law firm supplies it services on say, litigious matters it is classed as a continuous supply.


To simplify an example with numbers:

Dry cleaner has sales of £1000 per week

Inventory (of processed clothing) has retail cost of £2000

Cost of sales is around 5% or £100


We have a new client (year end 31 March) who is writing off goodwill over 20 years. They have written off eight years so far.


I have a client who has been awarded a construction job beginning in the New Year. He has 6 or 7 sub-contractors working for him.


We have inherited a company which owns residential properties.  The previous accountants have adopted a rather odd accounting policy which we want to correct.


Some clients use HMRC's free payroll software and one has asked me about joining auto-enrolment ahead of their staging date.  I see that BPT has a screen for pension contributions, but does anyone


Hi i have a question as per the below:



I have a client with a holding company in the UK that (among other UK subs) has a 10% stake in a US company (worth £5m as at 2013).


Clients' company is owned 50:50 by husband & wife.  Husband is a director, wife is co secretary (not a director) & accounts are prepared in accordance with FRSSE.



Would it be possible to transfer the assets between two companies under common control at the TWDV, would I have to elect to do this and if so what are the steps that I need to take.