Financial reporting

My client had a commercial rental lease (operating lease) with 7 years left to run, and after lengthy negotiations and various offers being made, remainder of lease was bought by new landlord.


A new client of mine has had their first year accounts prepared and submitted online by previous accountants.


I am ACCA qualified accountant with regular licence and I am looking for an audit experience (few months is required) so that I will be able to extend my licence to audit licence.


Does anyone know where and when IFA moving out of headquarters? 2013 report signifies big change but no clear plan?


I saw posts recommending to treat the profit/loss for disposal of assets as admin expenses.


A change in revenue recognition at Trustmarque reduced the software supplier's profits by £2m.

We have a new client who has been reporting the rental income from a property in trust onto her own tax return for the past 11 years.


I'm preparing a first year set of consolidated financial statements with a cashflow, am I correct in that I can prepare (balance) the cashflow based purely on the movements in the P&L and BS?


The APB guidance for the statement of directors' responsibilities to be disclosed in financial statements makes reference to UK law/CA 2006.