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Good morning All,


Has anyone used CCH eCPD and would they recommend it?


I suspect I know the answer to this already but I can't find anything to confirm it definitively.


Trying to get through to HMRC Film/TV Depts to query LP10 but no-one answers phones! So can anyone offer advice on LP10 letter.


I've (in the last two years) taken over the book-keeping for a small (VAT-registered, community owned) retail business -- everyone involved in the business is a volunteer including me, and this is


Hi Folks

I am seeking some help on how to synchronize outlook 2013 on two workstations?

Any help would be much appreciated as always.

Thanks in advance.


So in the context of restating your prior year Balance Sheet to be compliant with FRS 102 - If you ignore the optional exemption in 35.10(p) for a moment and assume that the business wants

Can any one advise on the home to work tax rule when running a ltd company as a lorry driver.


I came away from a very interesting business meeting in Belgium this week with some fresh personal reflections on risks related to “continuous improvement”.


Can anyone advise on the procedure to strike off a small ltd company?