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HI there

A client holds an adventure park with Zip wires, rope bridges, trampolines etc with all the relevant safety equipment.

Can you claim these items for capital allowances?


The previous accounts of a limited company prepared by another accountant include an overdrawn Directors Loan Account (DLA) > £10000 which has not been repaid in more than 12 months; the account


I know the general consensus on AW that cloud accounting is bees knees but my experience is that cloud is still not at the races and the fawning over cloud products from both clients and practition


Hi everyone

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction for rules governing the VAT voluntary flat rate scheme with regard to a lease surrender premium.


Please can someone advise how to present the disclosure of an Operating Lease in the notes to financial statements.  I have a 10 year lease beginning February 15, annual cost is,s

Hi Folks

We are trying to reduce papewok as much possible in our practice.


I know this is an accounting forum but am interested as to how solicitors reference their correspondence.


There are 2 companies (A & B) with a consultancy agreement between them.


I have a client with 2 separate Ltd companies.

In the past A has built up a substantial loan in B. ie A owes B money.