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two legally separate small limited companies have created a third limited company with an equal shareholding, shareholding being the company not an individual, both are in the construction-domestic


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Apologies another payroll question.

We have just downloaded our yearend/2014-2015 upgrade on Sage and noted that an FPS no longer includes 'on hold' employees.


A company Limited by Guarantee, whose constitution explicitly states it is a not for profit organisation, although it was not set up as a Charity, receives approximately 90 - 95% of its income thro


FRS 102 is getting closer to mandatory implementation, with accounting periods commencing on or after 1 January 20


What are the tax implications on two limited companies giving and receiving loans from each other when they both have same director and shareholder?


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Is there anyone here that has migrated from Sage 50 payroll to Moneysoft with multiple payrolls?


My client provides a telecoms cabling service as a limited company using the VAT FRS.

He is about to supply services to a French company at a daily rate.