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Financial reporting

One of the companies I look after has some stock of books which I need to move to a new LLP that I have set up.


Accountants grappling with the FRS 102 transition may discover section 11 and 12 posing a problem for those who did not adopt FRS 26.

Their tax returns should also be under the microscope. A lot of us, in our businesses, employ our wives to reduce our tax bills so that, hopefully, we are not paying the high rate of tax.


My clients' elderly mother has a commercial investment property which she acquired in the 60's, probably worth currently £900K.  It started off as her PPR.


Just wondering what people's thoughts/experiences are regarding the accounts production software and associated products such as tax modules, company secretarial and practice management system?


What kind of expenses count as remuneration?


Hi Everyone,


I have QuickBooks 2015 PRO (Desktop) and am wanting to generate aging AR for selected companies.