Financial reporting

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Are there any Sage 50 Payroll users out there who could help with a 4 weekly payroll query?


Hi, I need some help. I am trying to post invoice received from our subcontractor. It is for  80 +16 VAT for service provided  and 20 + 5 VAT for overnight spent in the truck.


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Have just tried calling HMRC Employer Helpline but got through all the rigmarole of talking to the phone and got told to call back as they are too busy to take calls!!



Is it possible to use the opening balances from financial statements, and I ask this due to not having a trial balance to work from?


Could a pool car still be a pool car if kept at the directors address which is also the registered business address? Would the fact that the directors are the only ones that use it be an issue?


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I was wondering what solutions people use to back up their data.



My client hires Self Employed Drivers which in return hires a vehicle for them to drive, provides insurance for them and provides fuel.


I have been approached by somebody (the partner of one of my clients) who has been developing a phone app over the last couple of years.


If i give away my home to my friend and will live for 7 years then would it be considered as potentially exempt transfer ? Or Inheritance tax benefits are only available for legal heirs?