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Financial reporting

One of our limited company client has french company as a shareholder and director of the company, during the year company lend loan to french entity of  around £1.5m and charge the interest rate b

Fuel (Petrol, Diesel) Receipts issued by Shell, BP or other fuel stations clearly state that "This is not a VAT receipt".


Any advice would be gratefully received....

I have a situation where a directors has resigned from the company during the year, but remains a shareholder.


Hi All,



I would like to know if I can get my employer to pay for my ACCA Kaplan tuition course (2 Papers)?


Why is it so difficult to write website content?

My new website is about to go live soon with a bit of marketing booked to go on the back of it.


The member meet up has been locked in and will be held in Londo


My antivirus software is warning me that it's blocked some malware from www. pool.adzio when I log on here.

Anyone else getting that message ?


Hi, could anybody clarify for me the following please.


Out of interest what do other AWeb users think average annual fees are for a "small practice"?