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Good morning (well I hope it is for some of you),

As a practice we used IRIS accountancy software and I have an issue in respect of FRS 102 implementation.

We use Moneysoft for payroll. For new year, software is scheduling EPS for submission even for clients who are not eligible for Employment Allowance any more after the change in legislation.


Dear All,

Company A provide clearance service to both commercial and domestic customers. The company is VAT registered. The domestic customers prefer to not be charged VAT,


The changes in the eligibility to claim employment allowance from 6 April 2016 onwards are not very clear. Our client has two employees ( monthly paid directors both earning below secondary thresho




I have Sage Line 50 V16.


Quick question, when preparing end of year accounts for small ltd on FRS, turnover is shown exclusive of VAT, additional income as a result of using FRS is shown on P&L and expenses are shown e


I don't do too many SATRs but have one ready to file.  I have heard of HMRC system in particular unable to calculate Class 2 NI properly at this stage.


I've had a client who's had a phone call from HSBC, wanting to know a lot of things, including his annual income.