Financial reporting

I have been approached by somebody (the partner of one of my clients) who has been developing a phone app over the last couple of years.


If i give away my home to my friend and will live for 7 years then would it be considered as potentially exempt transfer ? Or Inheritance tax benefits are only available for legal heirs?


Please can you help?


Has anyone reviewed the proposed amendments to IAS 1.

I'm preparing a first year consolidated set of stats. There are 3 companies including the parent. The parent and the largest sub have the same year end and first year of trading.


Maybe someone can remind me if dividends paid are disclosed through the STRGL or directly through reserves in the BS. e.g. Cr Bank Dividends paid Dr: Reserves???


Hi to all in the community. I am having to prepare group consolidated accounts in my job for the first time, and hoping someone can assist with specifics regarding elimination of investment.


The financial accounts for the Royal Household reveal net expenditure was £35.7m, an increase of 2.4m (7.2%) on the previous year, due to additional spending on pr


Has Viztopia been withdrawn from the UK, having used this in the past I was considering this as an option to replace our current mix and match approach.


If a client has incurred £7k legal fees in relation to the purchase of a business and drafting of a sublease including reviewing licence to sublet, etc.