Financial reporting

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I need your advice about the first company's VAT return. I am studying AAT level 4 and doing accounts for my friends voluntarily in order to gain some experience.


2 directors own 50% each of a company but 1 wishes to sell their shareholding and the other director is interested in purchasing.


A client has just provided information on assets purchased in the company name in 2010/11 and paid for personally. Do I treat this as a PYA or file amended accounts?


I am looking for advice on whether of not a company is dormant.


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Can someone please confirm the correct procedure for the following:

If you are a sole trader, you have a business and personal bank account.



I was hoping someone could please advise me if the private language schools in France are exempt from paying VAT?


Company A sells Fixtures and Fittings to Company B at market value.

Company A & B have common directors and shareholders.


Can a LLP become a partner in a partnership firm?

Are there any specific provisions allowing it or not allowing it to do so??


Hi Folks

Just got an email from a new client in which he has stated: Why GoCardless? Why not Direct Debit?