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I have a difference of opinion with a client.  He is a sole trader and went to his trade association national dinner, he felt he had to because he in on the committee and knew that it would be good


We are a UK Ltd selling the to the UK and distance selling to Germany and France.


Would anyone have any experience or thoughts on the following problem please?


I don't know if this is a new scam or not, but this afternoon I received a very distressed call from a client who had received a phone call from 'HMRC' claiming that her debt had been passed to the



I was wondering if anyone could help me on the rules for partial exemption in relation to a multi academy truest with three schools.


What are the implications and consequences for a private limited company whom pays dividends to the ordinary shareholders and fails to pay preferred dividends to the preference shareholders, whom s


If you were asked to value a small growing (sales less than a million) business for the purposes of what percentage shareholding to offer an incoming investor, what sort of multiple of Earnings bef


Hi all

We had a potential client visit us this afternoon, who is a professional footballer for a premier league team.


Hi all

I have a client, a single-director limited company. He has invested some company funds in gold and silver held as assets. Most of it is in the form of coins.


Just wondering when the Accounts menu item sneaked in?

I think I half noticed it previously without bothering to check it out.