Financial reporting


Two income scenarios for a company's accounts under FRSSE.


Could somebody please help with the wording regarding a directors overdrawn  loan account?

How it would appear in the Notes to the Accounts


Thankyou HELP



I have a potential situation with a client who, for ease, is going to have £100K invested into their company for a 30% shareholding.


In the recent years, I have witnessed more and more agencies which "hire" workforce using zero hour contracts.


Dear all,


I have made an onerous lease provision in my year-end accounts ended Sepember 2014.

I have a few questions:

A client of mine has been contacted by a firm claiming to be able to register him for Flat rate scheme VAT, backdated for 4 years which will result in a net benefit to him of over £10.000.


Appointed liquidator and directors have not been engaging with my queries to date.


Who gets what with Micro Entities Accounts?


Looking to maybe move away from buying actual books for reference.

We have 2 offices and so it would make sense to have one point of reference.


I would really appreciate help with clarifying something, I am going round and round in circles in my head with all the rules and getting nowhere.