Financial reporting

Hi to all in the community. I am having to prepare group consolidated accounts in my job for the first time, and hoping someone can assist with specifics regarding elimination of investment.


The financial accounts for the Royal Household reveal net expenditure was £35.7m, an increase of 2.4m (7.2%) on the previous year, due to additional spending on pr


Has Viztopia been withdrawn from the UK, having used this in the past I was considering this as an option to replace our current mix and match approach.


If a client has incurred £7k legal fees in relation to the purchase of a business and drafting of a sublease including reviewing licence to sublet, etc.

<p>Please can anyone help?</p><p>We have had a nightmare with our bookkeper and have just realised for the past 4 years have not been reporting our accounts properly for a number


Just received a payment demand for a client for their 2012/13 deferred NI. Cheques are required to be made payable to "Inland Revenue" and the bill is also headed with that title. 


Before everyone jumps down my throat I'm merely relaying something a partner 'thought he heard' on a course and wanted to see if anyone has heard of this before.


I attempted to make my Companies House return on 28 December.  (The business is struggling and I am trying to keep it afloat).


My company's insurance broker has setup a financing plan for our insurance premium payment.

I can't find clear guidance on this anywhere, and a similar question from over a year ago on Accounting Web had zero responses.