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Financial reporting

A charity has been allowed to use a property, but there is lease and no payments are made to use the asset.


We use Iris Openspace for the approval of tax returns.  It works very well.


If you ever wanted a tutorial on the workings and impact of goodwill and impairment rules in accounting standards, then John Stokdyk recommends spending a little time with Tesco’s preliminary 2


Hi all, 

I have a new client - sole trader, he is a HGV driver, he drives for several different companies but all from the same yard. 


Is capital gain tax on non-UK residents payable from 06/04/2015 or still not effective?


We have just taken over a payroll client with around 90 employees. The previous payroll provider used Star Computers software and their ePayslips system which I admit looks excellent.


This is similar to a question that I posted a month or two ago, but I now have further information and could use some clarification.


If a company director (and shareholder) of a limited company is permanently based in the USA, can the company make gross salary and dividend payments to them?


Somebody must have thought about this before, but I haven't seen anything written about it.