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Financial reporting

I have been approached by a Ltd Co contractor who provides services via an agency.


I've acquired a client (a charity) which is about to install the Benchmark system (it's free for charities, apparently).

We would like to offer our team-leaders to take their teams out to lunch perhaps once a quarter during work time for a team-building lunch.  These lunches would only be available to the people with


Hi all



A client (one man band) has asked me whether they can give £5k to their son to start a business venture with and for it to go through their business without it being a DLA transaction (or dividend)


We have a new client who is under an IVA - we want to set up a Ltd Co for his new venture, can anyone recommend a bank who will open an account for the company with him as a Director and shareholde


I work for a small business in the food industry.


Has anyone had to deal with Intermediary Employment Reporting?


My client group consists of a holding company and a wholly owned subsidiary. Prior to a reduction of share capital the respective balance sheets looked like this (£000's):