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We are a temporary staff agency with around 200 workers who currently claim subsistence allowances under a salary sacrifice arrangement, this is subsistence paid for by the worker in the course of

Sage Live, formerly known as Sage Life, was officially launched at the 2015 Sage Summit in New Orleans today and will be hitting the UK market imminently.

I am preparing a set of financial statements for a client of mine. When I started working with this client I discovered that they were claiming back purchase VAT that they should not have been.

I have a new client who uses his private car for business. The car is not an asset in the company books so not a benefit in kind.


Anybody out there has PI covering company valuations? This is in connection with potential investors in a going concern. If so, can you recommend an insurer who underwrites.


I'm in uncharted territory, never had a client cease trading before.
A sole trader client has ceased trading. Still making profits though in final year.


Cannot access hmrc site but there do not appear to be any listed known issues?


 What are the implications of a director charging rent to their LTD company for use of their garage and outbuildings as a warehouse and packaging area.

Hi folks,

What tax code would you use for someone who started employment on 01/07/2015 but had previously been self employed?  Would it be OT?  Seems harsh not to give him any PA.  He was previously a CIS su