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Can there be a seamless transfer of an ISA held by a deceased spouse to the surviving spouse? I suspect not but just thought I'd ask.


UK vat reg Co purchased nominal valued EU printed materials delievred to the UK.  VAT no provded and invoice received did not have Vat


I've always thought it strange that the minimum disclosure only wants directors' advances in credits if the directors' current accounts are overdrawn but I've followed the minimum rules regardless.

Would dividends received be included in total income when arriving at the tax band or would that be determined by reference only to other sources of income ?


hi I am working out which is better.

Employee is in the tax band of 40%. the allowance is he easy part I have worked out the take home salary would be.



Is anyone aware of a ready-reckoner tool to decide if a Company Car is worthwhile for an owner Director? Generally I think the answer is no.



Sometime back I set up a business bank account which is just in my own personal name - let's say that is 'Joe Bloggs'.

I have not used the account for some months.