Good morning everyone      I have a LTD company client, period of account has always been to 30/11.

Yesterday there was a post about a certain accountancy firm and whether or not it had 27,000 clients. Today it says I'm "not authorised to view this page". What's happened?


We have just won a contract by a client in Thailand, but will be a global contract for recruitment advertising services. I.e. we are placing recruitment adverts for them to recruit globally.


Entries are now coming in for this year’s Practice Excellence Awards, which c

It's all a bit of a minefield for a non-accountant learning as they go - NIC payments, £2k NIC allowance, corp tax, income tax etc.


I tried to look up the VAT registration thresholds for different EU countries, and found a table which referred to:

Off topic, I know, but just to wish all members of the forum a very happy Yorkshire Day.


Is it only me that finds e-magazine format (which is supposed to look like a paper magazine or newspaper) and pdfs (along with two-column formats which require scrolling up and down) far less conve

Have just spent 1/4 of an hour on hold trying to get through to the agent help line.  Same thing the other day too.  I guess they have decided we no longer need priority treatment and can wait ages