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A and B own the freehold land and property used in and included on the balance sheet of their partnership business.


My client has a small Ltd Co which rents an office from home.  The landline and broadband is via a business contract and paid for by the Ltd Co.  Is there a BIK?

A client wishes to transfer 50% of their shareholding to their spouse


At present, there is only 1 share issued



Commission is paid on products sold by staff in a hairdressers eg shampoo, conditioner etc. Some of the staff receive regular commission from this varying from £2 to £50 a month.

I have been told that Sage now offers employees access to a secure portal and also offers a live two-way chat facility for employEE questions regarding Auto-enrolement.

I have several clients who are directors and shareholders of small companies, some of these being service companies.


I apologize in advance for posting a thread on this topic as I'm certain that this is a question that will have been asked before.

I have new client that trades as a self employed builder and is VAT registered. He also purchased land a couple of years ago and installed large caravans to let out.


Hi All

What is your understanding of obtaining SA302's from HMRC please?


If a business only makes supplies which are outside the scope of UK VAT can it still register for VAT voluntarily (if turnover is below the VAT threshold) and recover VAT on its costs?