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Sole director going on mat leave in August, paid at 883/month for now

I was wondering if it is worth setting up a bigger salary and then paying maternity leave.

I have a company that buys property and lets it out long-term.  If the value of the property increases, then value of assets on the balance sheet will increase, I think.


Hi all,

My mother in law has a rental property which she wants to sell.


When crediting, say return of goods, invoice dated 15.03.15 for £5100 PPD of 2.5% therefore vat on the invoice at the time would be £994.50


Client's mortgage adviser, not content with SA302 now wants "HMRC Tax overview Form" for 2013 and 2014. Have you heard of this form?



Hi I rent rooms in my house.


I have elected to claim the 10% wear and tear, rather than 'renewals' claim for expenditure.