I'm setting up my own business and filling my registration with AAT.

I have to nominate someone to provide continuity of practice, butI don't really know anyone to be nominated.

I am an IT Contractor, and want to wind up my Ltd company via Members voluntary liquidation, as am not expecting to do any paid work in the forseeable future.

I have a partnership client who purchased their business 2 years ago paying £100,000 for goodwill.  They have asked me about incorporation and the tax benefits of introducing the goodwill into NewC



Assistance required please!

A client company of mine has recently registered for VAT having been under the VAT limit for many years; during this time the company invested heavily in plant & machinery benefiting from the A


I have just prepared the draft accounts for a client of mine and this year his turnover is £95000, he currently isn't VAT registered and doesn't want to be.


A client has been short paid by a US customer and supplied with a 1042-S form showing $46.35 withheld as Federal tax.

How does he get that back?


Having been a vocal (and frequent) critic of TaxCalc's dreadful post-2012 interface I have to give them credit for the current update.


Under the new simplified  scheme, the CITB have said that removing the offset for labour only income received will only affect 10% of levy payers.  We have calculated that our client will be 40k wo