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Client is a full service brokerage firm. Client cash is from deposits, interest, dividends and trading activity ie sale/purchase of securities.

How do we reflect Balance Sheet disclosures of shares/corresponding debtors in this newly dormant company?

If the principle directors of a company limited by guarantee were to make a "donation" to the company in order to pay for some overheads, how would the donation be treated within the company?

I have a client who has incurred SDLT on inception of an operating lease. No premium has been paid for the lease. Can the SDLT we capitalised and written off over the life of the lease?

I've been approached by a local athlete and asked to do their accounts and tax returns.

Returned from holiday to find a number of HMRC emails telling me "You have received new messages from HMRC".  No messages found.    Received two further emails today and in my "Recent Messages" sec


Anyone else noticed that the tone has changed at HMRC re collection of overdue taxes?

Company is intending on spending money building an R&D facility to be built in the next tax accounting year.

Can anyone recommend a payroll software provider (preferably a free version!)?  I'm a one man band and just want to pay a £10k bonus this month.  It will be the only payment I make this year and HM