Professional surveyor wants to take someone into the business but the employee needs qualifications and needs University Degree.


I'm just finishing off the accounts for a one man limited company, year end March 2014.


If a client couple with one child have had low earned income for two tax years and received tax credits (and continue to receive them), then have a largish dividend in September 2014 and ongoing, w


Following on from the popularity of an Any Answers post last year, in which a me


Uncontrolled growth is not only highly expensive, but can be emotionally draining.

I have a client who has bought two blocks of flats (£1.6M) and is looking at investment from them after renovation. He will sell some flats and retain others.


I'm trying to value an unquoted company and would like to know what the multiples are for comparable unquoted company sales currently and in the past.


Car tax experts a quick question for you


I have the 2008 edition of Tottels "Incorporating a Business" by Roger Jones and have received a flyer for Bloomsbury's 2014 edition of "Incorporating and Disincorporating a Business" by Mark McLau

At a recent district society meeting i realised that i was the only one there with a filofax ( albeit a non branded old one).