Does actual cash in the bank at the year end matter much for users to the accounts/suppliers and credit insurers etc?

Everytime we take on a new client we go through the agent authorisation process online (requesting a code, waiting 10+ days for it to arrive, waiting for the client to actually pass the code over e


When analysing a company's fixed asset additions for capital allowances how do you distinguish between what is capital and what can be classified as revenue in capital?



I understand nowadays accounting software is being integrated with self assessment tax return


A client of mine is based in Cyprus and set up a UK company to carry out IT consultancy.  


I'm preparing a set of accounts voluntarily for a new I&P society (or registered society as I think they should now be called) and was hoping I'd be able to find a standard set of accounts I co

I am currently employed as a financial controller with a small group of companies, however I have intimated to my employer that I would like to make a return to practice.


A Ltd is a land developer. B Ltd is a construction company. In the case of one particular site some land owned by A Ltd is having some houses built on it by B Ltd.

BEWARE -  there is  scam e-mail purporting to come from BT. It talks about "Your digital vault file" and comes with an attachment.