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Do any practitioners out there use sign up lists on your website, if so do you generate much interaction from them and how often to you send out emails.


How can I ascertain whether the Guernsey based Commercial Property Trust is an equity based ‘offshore fund’  holding less than  60% of its net assets in interest bearing assets?

I have a client who has been slow at sending me their accounts data. I have to do accounts for 2012-2013. They have also sent me 2013-2014 and I am asking for 2014-2015.


Limited Company Accounts for a Management Company of a residential block. 20 members / shareholders, 2 of which appointed as Directors of the company.


Osborne's second Budget for the year is upon us, what you guys reckon? He looks set to make some deep cuts to the Welfare state, change IHT and CGT.


I am in talks with a potential client who is a plumber and self employed. He was saying that he works primarily for one contractor (as a subcontractor) and the contractor deducts 20% tax.


Situation: A bank has lent around £6million to a group of investors who have built a large commercial property.


I have a good client. He's presently not working and I have recently done three lots of accounts for two of his companies. They're in the same field and one has another two shareholders.



Does anyone know if there is  way to run a report showing payslips created for a certain period.


I must say I often feel that some of the comments around sacking clients are a tad harsh on

here, and do not ever think I would be as harsh. 

Today I finally snapped.