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The art of targeted lead generation

Business is tough at the moment, but monitoring your sales leads carefully can produce excellent results, says Liz Jackson, entrepreneur and star of the The Secret Millionaire.


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Targeted lead generation

Basingstoke acc... | | Permalink

In my experience you will get better results from Google Adwords than you will from telemarketing or direct mail.

Direct mail does straight in the bin and telemarketing is way too expensive for what it delivers.  Telemarketing will get you appointments and clients but at a cost per new client which runs into the hundreds of pounds.  Far better to invest time in networking and getting to know the local bank managers.  About 90% of my new business these days is from referrals and as such is effectively "free".

Google AdWords

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 If you use Google AdWords, pay by what they call Prepay (pay a fixed amount in advance and your ads run until your  money runs  out; then you pay a fixed amount again for more ads), NOT Postpay (they bill you by DD every month).  

I selected Postpay, and they were taking money from me by DD for months after my last ad had run. Communicating with them is very difficult and changing between Postpay and Prepay is quite difficult. 

They were never able to explain why they billed me months after my last ad ran.