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Beat the recession masterclass, part two: The big opportunity

In part two of this multi-media series, leading strategist Steve Pipe FCA explains the opportunities that exist in a recession for accountants to position themselves as key advice givers.

Listen to Steve Pipe's audio message here:



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Outside business costs

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Also keep in mind that partner’s houses have probably dropped 20%, pension funds and savings will have been hit. Add all this up and non-business costs could be another £100,000.

This is where our Credit Crunch Guide for Accountants starts. Work out the potenial exposure and assess if you need to do anything.

Be warned - it will cost money, time and energy to effectively respond. Firms will probably need to develop new pricing and packaging options, investing in training for staff and maybe themselves in soft skills like leadership and sales, not to mention building marketing infrastructure.

Is it worth it?

Find out in our report – for some the answer will be don’t bother, while younger firms with ambition will find networks like AVN and MORE are serious proven options.