Bets off: Practice management day shows future is already here. By Rob Lewis | AccountingWEB

Bets off: Practice management day shows future is already here. By Rob Lewis

Jockey on horseAscot racecourse played host to the AccountingWEB practice management conference yesterday, run for the first time in conjunction with Sift sister company PracticeWEB. Reflecting the profession’s growing interest in all things technological, whether outsourcing, Web 2.0 or integrated practice systems, it showed there are plenty of accountants eager to keep up with the galloping pace of change.


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Great Event

quayer | | Permalink

It was a great event, all the sessions I attended had some idea which I could apply immediately in my Practice.

What a way to end the day with Will Kentish. The support staff led by Rachel as usual were very helpful


Many Thanks from PracticeWEB

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

May I thank all the PracticeWEB licensees and AccountingWEB members who attended this year and made it a great success.

The range and depth of the speakers proved to be provide a great balance and the active participation of all delegates in areas of debate was outstanding.

Planning now begins in earnest for next year!

Any suggestions for topics or speakers can be forwarded to me at [email protected]

Richard Sergeant
Client Relationship Manager
0117 915 8639

Tell your software suppliers what YOU want

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

As an attendee and the questioner who posed the question I would urge all software users who use more than one supplier for their practice software (accounts production, tax returns, timesheets etc.) to contact their suppliers to ask them what they are doing about being able to integrate their software with other suppliers.

As Nick Longden said, they are receiving the feedback that a sole supplier is what is wanted by their customers.

If they receive feedback that integration between different suppliers products is what is wanted then they will have no excuses and will hopefully do something about it.

If you are content to sit back and do nothing then you will have to fit in with them rather than they fit in with what you - the customer - want!