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Calculating the Benefits of Cost-effective Printing

Calculating the Benefits of Cost-effective Printing
by Dave Willcox, Applications Solutions Manager, OKI Printing Solutions

A 2007 report from the centre for economics and business research ltd (cebr) estimates that the UK accountancy services sector could potentially make annual cost savings of £11 million through more efficient printing. This saving equates to a new top-of-the-range (£40) calculator for all the country’s accountants.

The best way for many firms to achieve enhanced efficiency is by printing a higher proportion of materials in-house.


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Output from tax software

eddybee | | Permalink

For many years when I was in practice, we produced tax comps for a small business on 1 or 2 pages. The tax software that is now used by firms usually generates several pages even for the smallest of companies. Furthermore the old 1 or 2 page product was much easier to follow.

Clearly the multipage version requires more paper, however does it create some sort of mystical aura about tax comps that enables a higher fee to be charged