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Deloitte Madrid office destroyed by fire

The Madrid office of Deloitte was this week destroyed by a massive high-rise fire.

The Big Four firm occupied 20 floors of the 32-storey Windsor Building, which caught fire on the night of Saturday 13 February.


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Never mind the Backup Tapes - What about the paper?

Ian P Thompson | | Permalink

I am sure that the IT chaps will prove their worth as all their data comes back on line. But what happened to 20 floors of paper files?

Hopefully they had a good Document Archiving system that stored files as legally admissable copies. Maybe they had already got rid of the paper! A single DVD can store as many as 40,000 documents, but can fit easily into a fireproof safe. For more info go to

No Sweat, Chill Out etc...

Anonymous | | Permalink

They would have had to have a disaster recovery plan anyhow? Right!

Easy to forget

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

I don't recall the terrorist attack on 9 September 2001...