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Few accountants but no bankers on the New Year's honours list

Last year’s Christmas honours list saw a few accountants in line for gongs and knighthoods, while unsurprisingly, the 966 names included no bankers whatsoever.

Top of the list is arguably Sandy Crombie, chief executive of Standard Life, although strictly speaking the now-Sir Sandy is an actuary rather than a formally qualified accountant.


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Total WHITEWASH ..........

Anonymous | | Permalink

How about this for a total whitewash


Frankly if the FSA wasn't such an incestuous disaster something would have been done about KPMG liability as auditors

It is no good having FSA people resign - that is the easy option to get off the hook

how about adopting the line of

  • '.. all proceeds whilst in office being forfeit ..' (including salaries, pensions etc)
  • a fine equivalent to x times the problem (say 10 times for the sake of argument)
  • prevention from working in the same line of business again in the future

That should focus the mind and be a wake-up call for these incompetents

credit crunch

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

Why like that - few accountants? Because few only good give advise.

And no bankers? credit crunch.

All explanatory.

Liability of bank auditors ??????

Anonymous | | Permalink

Seems to have gone rather quiet on the 'Bank Auditors Liability' front

What is the exposure of auditors on HBOS, RBS etc....