Greening the business. By Lucie Benson | AccountingWEB

Greening the business. By Lucie Benson

Lucie Benson talks to AccountingWEB members about what they are doing to reduce their impact on climate change and the role businesses should play in protecting the environment.

A recent AccountingWEB’s green survey asked your views on the role business should play in protecting the environment. Just over half said that their business had already taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

The results of the survey show many of you understand the important role business plays in protecting the environment, but just how ‘green’ should accountants be?


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Paul Scholes's picture

Did the survey miss an option?

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Firstly, it is such a relief to see this huge issue suddenly gaining prominence in every day business life.

I completed the survey but was surprised to find that in the last question (concerning the main benefits of being “environmental”) there was no answer along the lines “to save waste and environmental damage” or “to reduce global warming”.

It is important to know the proportion of businesses looking to just their bottom line or customer perception as their justification for “going green” but I feel it is just as important to know what proportion act out of a social/green conscience.