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HMRC says record internal fraud no cause for alarm

According to a report in last weekend's Observer, nine staff at HMRC have been dismissed with criminal convictions for embezzling the department of a record £2.3 million pounds in the last year. This was revealed following a request under the Freedom of Information act, which also confirmed a further five staff are still under internal investigation.


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Glass Houses

Anonymous | | Permalink

Quite surprising to see Members of Parliament commenting on this sort of thing...

Is it me?!

Jack the Lad | | Permalink

I believe that we have a right to know the whos, whys, whats, and wherefores both under the Public Information Act and morally. HMRC are a public service, paid by us as taxpayers ( please don't call me a "customer" ! ) , aren't they, so surely we are entitled to know the details of the fraud against us ? Or am I being naive in believing that they are not a secret service, and we are entitled to full disclosure ?