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How to manage your referral network

Jo Summers of research agency Acritas explains how accountancy firms can get under the skin of client referees.



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Yes, but there's more!

Jon Stow | | Permalink

I agree with your comments and it is important to be in touch with your referral network, and manage them as necessary. There are networking events at all times of the day where one may meet potential referrers, and I regularly attend breakfast meetings. However, networking is a two way street. It is important to give referrals and one may find that one needs to give quite a few and help our network before they bring us rewards in the shape of referrals and new clients.

This means responding positively with a recommendation when someone says they are looking for an architect, an IFA, an ink supplies company or a contract cleaner. Managing our network means respecting them and helping them. Their reputation depends on one's own firm doing a good job for their clients or customers and ours depends on their dealing well on the clients and contacts we refer to them. That is a great incentive to maintain quality service both ways.