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How to win new business

Forget the Yellow Pages, the best way to find new clients is via referrals; but finding more people to recommend you means more networking, advises Nicola Draper.


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Networking is great

pauljohnston | | Permalink

but it does notwork for everyone ijn the same way.

Depending on the type of clients you want and have will affect the sucess rate.

Me I still try and use this medium but find that personal referrals work much better.  People use etc and websites to find out more about your business and for clients that are not picked up by networking

onesys's picture

Would You be More Comfortable Networking Online?

onesys | | Permalink

The few accountants I know personally, feel uncomfortable in groups of strangers, unless they have had a drink or two and this stops them from networking in person.

The fact that you are reading this proves that you are comfortable on the web and like my friends, you would find online networking a simple and effective step on the road to finding new clients.

The Accountingweb Discussion Groups are a great starting point and there are many business related online forums, networking sites and trade associations that facilitate online discussions. Try , , , , , or one of the many other business related sites out there. (just Google)

Once you have communicated with a person online, you can arrange a meeting to reinforce the business relationship or seal the deal. One great advantage of online networking over personal networking is that you are not limited by locality. Another advantage is that you are in control of the timing. You will find it much easier to gather sufficient clients if you fish in a bigger pond.

You can keep track of all your new contacts, including what was discussed, in a contact management software module like Sage ACT! or similar. That way you can follow up on contacts at a later date, as timing is everything in business.