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How to write a press release

Nicola Draper unveils the secrets of crafting an effective press release that will get press coverage for your firm.

A well crafted press release, if picked up by the media, can be worth its weight in gold in terms of publicity for your firm. Not for nothing do the top accountancy firms have huge dedicated press departments churning out regular releases. Since accountants typically don't have much experience of writing in this way, this article will offer some handy hints for those looking to create their own press releases.


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Examples of press releases that work

stevepipehome | | Permalink

If it helps I have a selection of press releases that accountants have successfully used in he past.

As well as being useful examples, several of them are readily re-usable 

So if anybody wants them, email me on [email protected] and I will send them to you with pleasure.


PS  When I was in practice well over half of all my new clients came as a direct result of press releases - so I can vouch for them working!