Interview: CIMA president on why ‘accountant’ has become a dirty word | AccountingWEB

Interview: CIMA president on why ‘accountant’ has become a dirty word

CIMA’s new president Aubrey Joachim talks to deputy editor Gina Dyer about the recession, professional ethics, and why accountants should be seen less as ‘bean counters’ and more as the strategic thinkers and analysts that they are.


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Wrong Conclusion.

Mike Bassy | | Permalink

Aubrey is wrong when he states that accountants are loathed in companies because they demand accounts and give everyone a hard time. Instead, they are disliked because, all too often, they are utterly useless nerds. At a time when we need informed, accurate, energetic pro-active advice, too many accountants still behave as simple book keepers. Too often they obstruct rather than enable. We need accountants who will tell us how to achieve our goals, who understand money and who know how best to structure company finance to make the most of our potential. Instead, what accoutants too often deliver is a sharp intake of breath, a grimace, and a muffled whimper while reaching for a Tupperware lunch box and flask of tea that their mum has again prepared for them that morning. Instead of Action Men, we get Train Spotters.

chimpsrback's picture

Mike,well give you some action !

chimpsrback | | Permalink

What xxxx holes have been hanging around to gain that conclusion ?

Are you a failed accountant (I know there are no such things but you know what I mean)

Some of the Directors of the largest companies in the world are accountants

...I could go on but I would be wasting my time.

You clearly need help !